Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  ZClassic Donation Pool - Setup Guide - 25% Bonus Paid Out in BTCP!

ZClassic Donation Pool - Setup Guide - 25% Bonus Paid Out in BTCP!

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About: ZClassic Donation Pool - Setup Guide - 25% Bonus Paid Out in BTCP!

What happened fund payout not show any zcl.
when will we get paid out for this?
how to get the BTCP for donated ZCL mined , i used the same public zcl key for moving ZCL from MPH, it only shows 1 transaction in the wallet
The pool is over. Did any of you guys received the Zcash you mined for the pool in the Zclassic Electrum wallet? On my worker stats i have 0.1 ZCL but my wallet is 0 ZCL. Any suggestions? Much appreciated!
Thanks as always goose. Super late to the party, but i figured why not. I traded out my junk alts in cryptopia for zclassic, opened the electrum wallet and moved them over, now switched my miner over to zclassic donation pool. Thanks man
Great work Goose-Tech. To keep from screwing myself, here is a dumb question. Should the ELECTRUM wallet that I created for the donation pool ONLY be used for the donation setup, or can I put other zclassic such as what I bought into this same wallet?
Awesome video Goose. Like how you go into the details and don't leave any info out
thx awesome video mate :)
Do you have to have a full Zclassic to get a Bitcoin Private? I am not sure I will be able to mine a full coin. Thank you for the video it was amazingly easy to follow. Thank you! Thumbs up and subbed :)
first of all thanks for your awesome video. i was thinking to buy hashpower from Nicehash website to mine zclassic. dont you think i better off to buy 4 zcl and get a ratio of 1:1 btcp and i get end up keeping the zcl as well? whats your suggestion plz. MANY THANKS
Goose,  Can I use my paper wallet z-classic address in my miner?  Also I heard that to be eligible for the forked coin it is required to have both Bitcoin and Z-Classic?  I do own a little bit of both but, do they somehow need to be stored together into the same wallet?  How am I to prove that I have both if they are stored in separate paper wallets?  Any help is much appreciated!
Hey there quick question
I am mining on mph and my payout is going to zcl classic wallet.
How do u get the btcp? Import the keys to electrum wallet?
So... I start mining for the donation but my big question is: what happen if the donation goal doesn't get full ? Where my ZClassic money goes to ?
Best Regards.
FANTASTIC GooseMan... thank you once more good Sir, I am convinced you are a teacher of some sort lol and once again because of you Sir.. I am donating and hoping for any uptick on shares upon the fork (Which I am even aware about thanks to you!!! you ARE THE MAN lol and I love your style amd demeanor thank you and may the powers at be give you a HUGE pat on the shoulder.
Hi Goose-tech nice video.
But here's my 2c for pure profit might be best to just Mine all the zclassic you can using MiningPoolHub and then send it to an exchange that will be part of the snapshot on 02/28, I forget the exact block number so you'll have to double check. Then sell ALL your Zclassic as quickly as possible before it crashes or at least as quickly as you can. That should give you much more profit I think
ex. if BTCP fetches (purely speculative) ~$200 and now Zclassic is ~$100 then the Zclassic is worth 50%, so much more than 25% from the pool ...

But if your goal is to have fun with this, or to give back to the team , than this could still be OK.
hi goose,so im not the most tech savvy , when this pool finishes do we get paid into the zclassic wallet? or do we need to set something else up to get paid in bitcoin private or what do we do I'm really confused as to how this ends up. ty again as I got my miner setup from your video, just confused on how or what happens when the pool finishes.
Great guide,thank you,
Just curious this is my first shot at mining,will it be worth it just till end of February for mining ZCL,will i mine enough in that time to make a difference?I have a 1080 ti average 740 sol/s.Also can only run it for about 18 hours a day
Noise is ok as its water cooled,just hoping the power does not get me,thanks for advice.
I search that Guide about 3 weaks..Thank You!!!
You rock Goose-Tech please keep up the great videos.
Another question for you Goose, i am mining Zclassic donation as per your vid, but i don't understand the ZClassic donation pool readout. I have 2 GPU's mining and i can see my shares rising on the workers graph up and up then my total drops to zero again and i start off again. It gets to about a 100 or 200 then reverts backs down to 2 or 3 shares then it starts again building then drops. No ZCL donations are showing at all. one GPU (1050 is mining at about 200 and the other (1080Ti) is up around 980??
Please advise?
Thanks again

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