Yarn Scraps Tips & Ideas (Includes links to Unique Scrappy Projects!)

Yarn Scraps Tips & Ideas (Includes links to Unique Scrappy Projects!)

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About: Yarn Scraps Tips & Ideas (Includes links to Unique Scrappy Projects!)

I like making coasters with cotton scraps. They’re great gifts for coworkers and acquaintances because they’re durable and absorbent.
i am donating to cat shelters by making blankets for the cats in the shelter
Love this tips about scrap yarn leftovers love them. Thanks for the inspiration.😎😀😍😘 Love and hugs to you and your family may you all have a lovely year living in Georgia. 😎😍😘😀. Again thanks will try esp. the dog or cat mat.😎😍.
Lovely hats! Great use of left over yarn!
Howdy Margaret, Most excellent video! Your deliver and presentation are engaging, your tips are varied, and you share so much useful information. But the best part is that you both Crochet AND knit - as do  I. So all your tips are relevant to me! Don't know how I stumbled on your channel, but so glad I found you - I subbed! Peace, LuLu
is that bats on your shirt?
Oh my goodness! You are so creative and talented! I hope that one day I can pull my knitting up by the bootstraps and actually accomplish half of what you do! Thank you so much for sharing these fabulous ideas!
How do u make reversible hats like that?
I love playing your videos as I crochet mindlessly. thanks for making them and thanks for keeping your older videos up. I like to make afghans with my scraps. I live in an old farmhouse in Wisconsin and we always need something to keep us warm in the winter!
I'm making a king size blanket with just scraps.when ever I get a small ball after a project I add it to the blanket.
If I don't have enough yarn for even a teeny tiny project, I'll cut it up & use it for stuffing. I love those pompoms you showed, but I'm not much at trimming them either. BTW welcome to Georgia!😀
one of my long time favorite things to do with the very small scraps (1.5 in and larger) is to tie them all into a ball and then turn that ball of scraps into monster grocery bag holders. each one is different and i find it fun to come across those little bits and remember the original project it came from....this even goes for the skinny ribbon and elastic that sometimes holds a pair of shoes together...basically anything goes
I discovered the folks in the Alzheimer’s unit at the nursing home, absolutely love getting brightly striped throws, lap blankets, & shrugs!
I also make critter blankets using scrap yarn & the "magic knot". Do a solid granny square with the one strand of magic knot yarn & one strand of black or white or cream. I use an N hook. Our humane shelter asks for 12", 24", or 36". Sometimes, I just "magic knot" as I go along. With one strand of black, it gives a very pretty pattern. Or use 3 strands of yarn, P/Q hook, then SC each stitch. Had to try a few times to get the desired width.
how do you get a man's hat from the Addie King size? I ordered one but I sent it back, the largest I could get was hard to get on my head. Then I saw there was not really anything to make with it but hats and I don't make many hats. I am crocheting little baby buntings for a hospital my granddaughter works at in the labor and delivery and she likes to have these to place tiny little babies that are corn deceased, she wanted me to make these to place the baby in for the mother to hold and then the mother has a keep sake for her tiny baby. I thought the Addie machine would be good to work flat panels to make these with but I could not get it to make these panels with out loosing stitches so I sent it back to Amazon and will do mine by hand. I had listened to you praise them so much I thought I would like it, but not for me. Thanks for all your reviews. May God bless
Great video, thanks!
Can you mix different types of yarn? I thought you keep them the same for washing purposes.
One of the most beautiful things to do is Tunisian crochet with scrap yarns. You just do Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS) aka "Afghan stitch" and every pass you change color. It works best if you have a group of harmonious colors. When starting and stopping the row, you leave a 6" tail approx. as your result, depending upon how much scrap you're using up, if it is an afghan or a pillow or even a handbag, you can figure how to make the fringe look good as part of the project. This also makes fun placemats and if you are dealing with bulky yarn, you may make a bath mat.

Now, I've also made hats with Tunisian double-ended hooks so it is the only Tunisian which you turn while making it. The hat does then need seaming and on the one side the fringe can be added into a Pom-Pom. The other side, you can knit and i-cord and cover the fringes so if fringe isn't your thing, you can i-cord for afghans also as I have allergies and don't like fringe by my nose.

And thank you oodles for all the great ideas.
I trusted in serendipity. I cut all kinds of scrap yarns into the span of my arms. Placed them in a bag. Started knitting by pulling blindly from bag as yarn ran out. It was a very simple patten and had to had wash, but loved the results.
I will usually make granny square's to make a large granny square blanket. Also hats for preemies at my local hospital.

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