Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  CHRISTMAS LONDON WALK 🎄 King’s Cross to Coal Drops Yard to St Pancras 🇬🇧 ENGLAND

CHRISTMAS LONDON WALK 🎄 King’s Cross to Coal Drops Yard to St Pancras 🇬🇧 ENGLAND

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


About: CHRISTMAS LONDON WALK 🎄 King’s Cross to Coal Drops Yard to St Pancras 🇬🇧 ENGLAND


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00:00 Outside King's Cross on Euston Road
02:20 King's Cross Station
05:35 Battle Bridge Place
06:36 King's Boulevard
09:42 Goods Way
10:16 Granary Square
13:28 Stable Street
18:48 Bagley Walk
12:10 Gasholder Park
20:52 Regent's Canal Towpath
25:56 Lewis Cubitt Square
27:17 Handyside Street
29:02 Canopy Market Kings Cross
31:46 Wharf Road Gardens
32:39 Granary Square
34:05 Goods Way
34:58 Pancras Square
38:58 Battle Bridge Place
40:06 St Pancras International
47:37 Euston Road
59:03 St Pancras

00:10, 54:12 St Pancras Clock Tower
00:36 ‘Large Spindle Piece’ bronze sculpture by Henry Moore
00:46 King’s Cross Clock Tower and main entrance
02:04 Great Northern Hotel
04:15 Platform 9¾ from Harry Potter
06:13 ‘IFO (Identified Flying Object)’ by Jaques Rival
06:50 One Pancras Square
10:28, 21:02 Regent's Canal
11:20, 15:06, 42:47 Christmas Trees
12:22, 26:07, 37:46 Water Features
13:40, 23:02 Coal Drops Yard (new retail development which combined two Victorian warehouses)
25:27 The Face magazine wall
29:53 Canopy Market
36:07 Google YouTube Space London
39:23 St Pancras entrance
43:11 Eurostar International Departures
44:09 ‘I want my time with you’ artwork by Tracey Emin
44:18 Sir John Betjeman statue
46:55 St Pancras Visitor Centre
48:28 Camden Town Hall
48:40, 54:12 St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London
51:29 ‘The Meeting Place’ bronze statue

I found this video particularly interesting as I've never really explored the area around Kings Cross since the regeneration, the area behind Kings Cross did seem rather deserted, is it always like that? I really liked some of the vantage points you chose, looking up at the Renaissance Hotel, and then across to Kings Cross station.
What a terrific video! I love it. How would you feel about making a video of gear you use (and how to use it) to do these videos as you walk? This is so new to me and I wish I would have had all those accessories when I was in London.
Thank you , these peaceful gentle walks will not only make a traveller feel at home; but also for us who suffer PTSD , anxiety in everyday situations , you have bought a confidence in traveling in unfamiliar places .
You are awesome man
Hats off
Would absolutely love to see a Grosvenor Crescent Walk in Kensington ( the most expensive street in the UK) and other lovely house walks in London
So clear ♥️you really captured it so well 💖
Who is that statue at 54:32? Can't seem to recognize him or the speaker's quote.
Hello Watched Walker
It was amazing. I love it, especially The Gasholders building.
I finally saw something of you, your shadow and I wonder how old you and how your face is, but anonymity is part of your magic. Congrats!! Very good to walk with you. Bye Harry ... lol
What a marvellous walk in marvellous London. All these developments has transformed London into a 21st century city. Coal drop yard area is a futuristic, artistically designed shopping complex with so much open space. The vicinity of the canal gave the whole area another boost. What I like most WW is you picking sunny days, autumn sunshine reflecting in the coloured leaves gives a christmasy feeling. The christmas tree and decorations in St pancras is unique. You have given us the exposure of best of London again. Thanks very much. I can only see you in your capped shadow. It is better than nothing. Regards
Interesting video, like all your other ones - thank you for for sharing. I like London and walking there with you (via your videos) and seeing it through the lens of your camera brings back the nice memories of my own walks. I think Berlin would also offer you and your viewers great impressions. I am considering a camera purchase (I have an older model without picture stabilizer) - would you recomend Go Pro 7 black, or would you suggest a different model (Sony, Panasonic, what model)?
Thanks for showing us this video. it will be easier for me to travel to London onwards! take care!
I always love your videos and the excellent tours of London, my favourite city (even though I am in Atlanta)! And, I finally saw your shadow and would love to know what your gear is. It looks kind of painful, although your videos are the very highest quality I have seen! Thank you for another amazing journey!!!
very nice video..
Fabulous, I was there in August. Now teaching in Lagos.
If you could do it in future, Stratford walk would be amazing since that area has seen massive transformation like Kingscross....keep up the good work 👌👍
thnx for giving a wonderful experience of the london city.... keep going😍😍😍
The quality of the iPhone is better than your this camera video.please make all videos your old iPhone 6 carry on
good job !!! Tanks for video :) !!!
The GasHolders building was gorgeous, very innovative and I loved the wild flower display near the bank of the river...just lovely. As ever a throughly enjoyable walk :) thank you x

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Coal is primarily used as a solid fuel to produce electricity and heat through combustion. World coal consumption was about 7.25 billion tonnes in 2010 The price of coal increased from around $30.00 per short ton in 2000 to around $150.00 per short ton as of September 2008. In early 2015, it was trading near $56/ton.