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Why Discipline Is BS

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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What is your BIGGEST goal
right now that you are struggling
to accomplish?

Comment below and let me know.
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Nice. This is a more streamlined form of discipline. The 3 things he mentioned are elements of discipline changed up ingeniously.

Compared to this indeed self discipline in the traditional sence is BS
which font ist this?
First you say discipline is (...).
Then you tell us to do things that require discipline.
That is somehow confusing
I wish things were as easy as you paint them. Truth is there is no such thing as an over night success. You can believe in yourself all you want. In this life the only thing that will open any door is who you know. Also if you are well liked!
I knew it since day 1...Many a times discipline blocks the path to change and adaptation.
When you got a Dan Lok playlist..
the intro always gets me
what i learn from you Sifu is from all of your video is that we are all still a human being, not some robot who can have 110% motivation all the times. sometimes we have less than 10% motivation and we can't help it, BUTwhat i learn from you is consistency, perfection is an enemy of progress and never delay to start something. thank you for always giving us such a great video.
Jocko Willink: Hold my Beer
Nice thanks Dan I told myself your belief and mine are right but of course when its about business you know many of it right????
Seem the word “discipline” has different meaning and gives a different perspective to different people. On where I stand, Discipline as having the power to overcome procrastination regardless of condition.
The ability to work instead of making excuses.
A major component of attaining your goal is based on the discipline to be consistent in pursuing whatever goal you set.
An Artist or an Athlete spend long grueling hours in practice for them to perfect their craft. Mastery by being consistent in improving their craft... That’s Discipline.
From my end of the spectrum. I think your achievements is mainly based on your discipline. Your consistency to post video, continuously working to share information, continuously managing your business and Taking care of your health.
You are doing all of those because you have the discipline to do so. If Discipline is BS, I don’t think you will be the same person we are looking up to.
Not to offend anyone, Just sharing my thoughts.
I disagree, telling my goals to whole world backfires on me ..i just dnt tell them anymore.
I don' t really undersand the role play, I spend 1 hour a day learning a new skill ?
telling everyone your targets is a double edge knife BECAUSE if you do it in a negative way better keep them to yourself because you jinx them 100%
Sifu, I understand the point about the environment very well. Because the environment that I was living in 18 months ago didn't support Me, in fact it was hell bent on keeping Me chained down, and preventing Me from succeeding.
Which is why I moved out, and My current environment is a lot more supportive.
I like catching up his brains. He is intelligent person, because he understands how things work. I just subscribed him on purpose, I wanna help him to get to his goals. :D
i want to publish a islamic content in a magazine if possible any can help me do that
i am searching for a magazine publisher.
Dan, your self-disciplin is on a auto-pilot mode, that is its highest level. Your consistency is its proof. You do great, every day

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