White Woman Calls Police On Black Family's BBQ In Park | Residents React #BBQBECKY

White Woman Calls Police On Black Family's BBQ In Park | Residents React #BBQBECKY

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About: White Woman Calls Police On Black Family's BBQ In Park | Residents React #BBQBECKY

She needs attention 😪😪😪
She’s jealous becouse she wasn’t invited Jajajajaja jajajaj
She's just jealous, her fat ass wanted some bbq...and what is she crying for? Because they were using a charcoal grill....lol.
so what! just enjoy your BBQ and ignore the BBQ patrol!
while SHE doesnt have to make a big deal about it, NEITHER do YOU!
grow up!
Wow .....just wow
Most definitely something is wrong with her
Omg so good for an outcome to be so positive. Good job cops and want wat a wonderful community to come together to stop dumb shit like that from happening. Love the memes lol
Wow she a stupid woman I ever seen!

I got a question for you I hope you don’t find it Offensive but I love to know do black Woman like white men?
Right now I'm overflowing with pity for this psychologically handicapped woman. ;D
She should be put in a mental institution
Give Oscar to that white lady, I'm from India, it's shocking 4 me 2 c, is America is really I mean seriously a great n a democratic country, I mean US had a habit to speak lot, I think government is busy on spying the world
Slap her in the face
That's one racist bitch . Good for you guys for standing up
That's how pigs cry
Wth is wrong with Americans
Got a mental problem....lol
What a bitch!
How dramatic, black folks have the best bar b q, just have a chat with them and have some nice food with them
Hell I’m white and would have complained too, if they didn’t let me join the bbq, and piss of that fat ugly white whore
"What's in you hands? Bbq sauce? Drop it!"

"Why sir?"

"You're using the wrong brand!"
Bet if they where handing out job applications y'all wouldnt have been in the park partying

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