White Woman Calls Police On Black Family's BBQ In Park | Residents React #BBQBECKY

White Woman Calls Police On Black Family's BBQ In Park | Residents React #BBQBECKY

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About: White Woman Calls Police On Black Family's BBQ In Park | Residents React #BBQBECKY

This fat bitch is petty..why da fuck she even worried about it. Mind your own business
She needs to be a in Psych Rehab. Give her some meds to achieve equilibrium. Hold that Carne Asada cause it smells good from here. Oh.. Damn.. It was a my fort😆
Yow da white woman with the camera fi get a medal of honor. Nuff Respect
She's White of course, they think they have more powers than anybody else Good Job, for whipping Her Dirty White ASS, and I liked the way the officer looking at her so patiently , he probably thinking like Ma'am , no awards for you coz. You cannot Act.
She just mad cause they didn't invite her.
Barbeque Becky is soooooo embarrassing
she is not american she is an german immigrant, she s full of shit,sumb ass ugly bitch, fat ass, crying victim ,
This is so sad. I feel sorry for her level of dishonesty and ignorance. She should receive a Grammy for her drama. Remember someone is gonna get you Becky when you least expect it
While i do take this matter very seriously, i could help but to laughed with every fiber of my being just watching her break down sobbing after the police arrived such an act
You in Oakland!!!!! I’ll give any cop responses TO A CALL IN OAKLAND IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES MY CHECK UNTIL I DIE!!!!
She called cuz she's a lonely , hungry , cheap ass , macho gay democrat
That cunt was totally out of place and take your ass down elsewhere!
i just dont get why she felt that she had to be there like that. Like first of all, mind your own God damn business!!! Second, why would you stand right there in there personal space, walk away! Then she starts crying like she just went through something traumatic, bitch be gone!!!!
Funny watching this for the first on this channel. Thought she was like bipolar or something. Find the 911 call. Dispatcher actually asks if she has ever been to their local mental hospital......

"They're following me" paces in the the same five ft line. It wasn't until the dispatcher asked if she was just standing there till she finally moved.
Dat woman crazy
Dat woman ugly
Lol! Thank you so much for the video well done! I can't stand people like her,who can right!she should be embarrassed .fat ass bitch need to mind her own business.
I would have made her a plate of food before the police officer drove her to the station.. I'm sure half the police department was down there eatin and chillin while off duty.. He told his fellow officers.. They had a nice set up and the ribs and chicken smelt delicious.. Lol!!!!
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂i want the police to come😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂bitch go lose some kilosss
wtf everytime i saw thing like this it always, fat, sorry, 'extra-sized'-white-lady with almost typical behavior calling the cops?

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