Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  What to Know About LLCs with Mark J Kohler CPA, Attorney | 2019

What to Know About LLCs with Mark J Kohler CPA, Attorney | 2019

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Ah ha, okay I see. Thanks
Mark thank you for all of your videos, however, the sound of this video was not good compared to other videos. On this video I barely able to listen to your voice, please next time make sure the speaker is loud enough. Thanks.
If a tenant's child licked on the rental property's wall, and get sick, they decided to sue the property's owner which is the LLC, they still can access to the property for compensations, right? what does LLC protect for, if that rental property is all the assets that I own?
Great info, very well presented. Thanks Mark!
Do you invest in precious metals. Can you hold gold in your own house safe in self directed Ira or solo
I love the information, lot more then others. However folks, take all this with a gain of salt, he's trying to sell LLCs. Trusts are better at asset protection. However, from my experience you really don't need an LLC, Starting out. For marketing purposes yes, llc's are cheaper then getting a dba so get one to do business with the public. When it comes to protection, these videos are a little misleading. When you're a single member llc, you are 100% liable for all the activities as if you're sole proprietor. As a single member llc, you're signing all the contracts, debts, and obligations, a judge will see through all of it. Most people watching this don't have millions to protect, so asset protection is irrelevant. The best thing you can do as a small business is get insurance for your industry, property insurance for rentals, general liability as a landscaper etc. Most claims can be settled out of court with insurance.
this is by far the best llc video I've seen on YouTube far.. thanks so much
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I wish I had this information 15 years ago. I am now getting prepared for my next business when it happens, thanks to you.
Hello Mark ... i will send more business towards you...2 they allredy part of it.. 2 more come is a lender. Hopefully u can help him.
Great video Mark! 👍🏼👍🏼
Yeah, it’s chauvinistic to assume that Debbie has a “little bakery” ... why not a law firm? Doctor office?
are you forgetting to compute the taxes to pay on w2 on your example?
Thanks for being such a "frickin nerd" about LLCs. I learn so much from your videos. 😊
Hi Mark! My question is does it help to set up an LLC or S corp if you're a stock daytrader who makes 500k or more?
I need your free book
Make sure I know when you come to Philadelphia
1.Is it too late to do a s corp on 2014 taxes ?2. Ok how do you back date it? 3. Ok for rental propertywe have LLC can I transfer deed myself? 4. How do you do it? How much do you all charge?
Great comprehensive video Mark! You've always pushed having a board of advisors, and I really love the idea but the question is do you pay them? If not, then what's the incentive from their point of view?
on the last example he saves 6k not 12k

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