UK Election Night February 1974 - Hung Parliament

UK Election Night February 1974 - Hung Parliament

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Heath Out!
1:07:53 Mackenzie first announces the drama.
2:49:51 Burnet reads losing on Heath's face.
5:48:07 magnificent archival find, of Robert Mackenzie speaking out against FPTP and its unfair reflection of the Liberal vote. I linked an electoral reform campaign site to it, when it was on here in smaller chunks.
Great stuff from Mike Yarwood
"your personal calculator"... - R. Day
Great coverage from the BBC minus the hyperbole of the coverage I'm seeing in 2017 before David Dimb was past his best
24th February 1974? This was a Sunday, aren't UK Elections held on a Thursday?
Can you fix the video's aspect ratio?
First election when I was around. Finally get to see it Thanks

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