Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends - Coal and other stories (1986, UK VHS)

Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends - Coal and other stories (1986, UK VHS)

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About: Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends - Coal and other stories (1986, UK VHS)

I used to have this VHS as a kid, but I lost it when I moved house... 'Tis a shame to be honest, but at least I have Troublesome Trucks and Other Stories...
"But I mustn't tell you anymore or I shall spoil the next story!" Good British narration!
Pretty dumb. Why would Toby be hurt for simply asking if he was electric?
I really love the red credits at the end of the VHS.
E L E C T R I C I N D E E D !
I remember borrowing it off from one of my school mates on VHS back in the 90's, another brilliant childhood!
I used to have Coal on VHS when I was very young
O my god. That intro music for the video collection nostalgia fit
Also known as Down the Mine VHS rerelease
Do you know something? I reckon that this particular tape was botched a bit. 

What I've noticed is that, from seasons 1-3, the 26 episodes of each respective season were split up into three videos. For example, Season 1 has Thomas and Gordon, Troublesome Trucks and Coal. Seasons 2 and 3 each had 8 episodes on the first two videos (e.g. Thomas, Percy and the Coal has 8, Percy and Harold has 8). The third video of both seasons has the final remaining episodes. They're more special, since they have 10 episodes rather than 8.

The Season 1 videos don't do this. Thomas and Gordon has 8 episodes, but Troublesome Trucks has 9 episodes, consequently causing Coal to have 9 episodes as well. 

My theory is that Troublesome Trucks was originally supposed to have 8 episodes as well, with Trouble in the Shed being the last episode. Therefore, the third video would not only have 10 episodes, but it would have been called Percy Runs Away. I don't know why, but VCI just shoehorned Percy Runs Away onto the end of Troublesome Trucks, and then awkwardly edited Coal's end credits onto it. Of course, Coal and other stories opened up with the intro fading away to be replaced by the nameboard gallery.
It's a bit strange when the opening theme has faded away!
Do you have Thomas and the Breakdown Train and Other Stories?
was the video tape yellow like the cover? I know the other two tapes were the same color as their covers

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