The Worst Jobs In History - 2x03 - Industrial

The Worst Jobs In History - 2x03 - Industrial

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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I can't for the life of me believe that it was faster to leg a boat through the tunnel as opposed to just using some oars
@6:00, you can hear the genuine terror in Tony's voice. So it was tremendously brave of him to do it.
Why wouldn't they call the bone cleaner a "boner"..?
I could never be a hurrier, the claustrophobia would be unbearable.
Lol...”knock ‘er up” sure means something else nowadays...!
When he did some of the others he forgot asbestos workers and watch painters who had to paint radium paint on the clock faces
i'm watching this in class unfortunately we have to watch this video
Huzzah for the narrow boats!
You can imagine the conversation between Brunel and his bridge buildings, "I have a cunning plan!"
"In those days, you wouldn't have been able to afford a phone'".
Why didn't they just hammer hooks into the side of the tunnel wall to just pull it along, would be quicker and less strenuous
sounds like 2019
@41:35 when Tony says “You can turn the light back on now Gary”, I really expected Gary would give him a fright by not turning it on n leaving Tony in the dark going,”Gary?Gary? Camera crew?Anyone there?” I think I have a warped mind.
Besides the sheer entertainment value(which is tremendous), I find the entire series of Worst Jobs, from Dark Ages on, really SHOWS what life was like for those who enabled history. We take it for granted that the Big Names MADE history, but as Tony says, without all these workers none of it would have been possible. And I absolutely love that Tony really does all these things. There are facial expressions of his I hope I will remember forever-when he was knee deep in human urine, when he smelt woad soaking, and when he drank the worm soup are just three favourites.
I really would love to see Tony and Lucy Worsley co-presenting. They both have a wonderful enthusiasm, which I think between them would really spark.
Many thanks and congrats are due to all involved in the making of these, and special thanks to the uploader.
P.S. I will never look at bone china in the same way again!
dis is bad i cant hear him from the music
man, not only did tony have balls to do that bridge thing but his camera man went with him
Maybe the leggers job is where we get the expression, 'getting a leg up' on a situation.  BTW, has anyone else wondered where the camera crew is when Tony is up on a high bridge like he was in this segment?  They surely aren't up there with him.  Maybe they're filming from a chopper...??  lol
Pretty sure chimney boy was the worst job
An older friend of mine told how her mother actually made soap before the Finnish wars (Winter, Continuation and Lapland) and how she never run out of soap despite the rationing.
"for this next worst job"
camera pans to tony in a brothel

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