The Outlook on Cryptocurrency Mining - GPU vs ASIC vs FPGA

The Outlook on Cryptocurrency Mining - GPU vs ASIC vs FPGA

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for accelareted GPUs for more efficient mining Acorn is the first-ever cryptocurrency mining accelerator card. By using best-in-class Xilinx FPGA chips in an M.2 slot, the Acorn CLE-101 offloads and performs the least GPU friendly parts of memory-intensive cryptocurrency mining. Acorn CLE-101 makes mining algorithms like Ethash and CryptoNight V1 on GPUs more efficient.
Interesting that you were against the launching of the 2080 and 2080Ti because you felt ASIC miners were going to take a way sales.
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for anyone who is interested in fpga mining, this guide has been helpful to me:
I'd like to know how much of your income comes from these videos.
Dude I own s9's, l3's, d3's, x11's and A3's and the D3's are the most profitable more than any of the rest a lot lately
I am sorry if I don't quite understand, but what is the difference whether I get an ASIC or set up an 8 gpu rig? There both accomplishing the same outcome aren't they? Newbie but love your videos....
this website is the best :
Make a video showing main FGPA and the bests for mining
So did yo plan on ordering BCU1525 blockchain edition from I am seeing a lot of YTbers ordering them. It sounds like its a lot easier to setup then before. I planning on getting one trying to figure out what I need med or high end rig.
Hi Vosk, I’m from New Zealand and our team are in the process of building a commercial crypto farm. We have access to cheap geothermal power and have the financial capability. Would you be interested in working with us as a consultant? Before committing to large numbers of equipment either ASIC GPU and FPGA be good to get some advice.
"An FPGA is like a GPU on steroids", that's a very poor description of the thing, it might lead some to believe it could to wonders in gaming. Isn't better to say an FPGA is a very flexible chip that can be programed to do many different things even to help play chess (Hydra chess). Or programmed to do floating point like a GPU does and yes in this respect the Intel Stratix 10 FPGA can outclass a Nvidia Titan X Pascal GPU, I suppose this was what you meant.
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Vosk -- senseless here. A lot of things you said here are incorrect. If you can operate a GPU miner or an ASIC you will be able to operate the FPGA. Contact me.
nice break-down sir
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The 38 dummies that down voted are probably all bitmain lackeys.
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You know that even using money (cash) is not for everyone? There are people that cannot add one plus one. And I ain't talking babies.
Now, Bitcoin is neither for everyone to use and much to maintain it's network. So are all other cryptos.
Using the cryptos I agree it has to be easy. Making, maintaining, developing... that had never been easy and does not need to be.
You talk about programming like it would cause permanent brain&limb injury :D.
It doesn't.
You want to, you can. You can even machine code, bit by bit.
Thanks bro

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