Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  ♪ "The Miner" - A Minecraft Parody of The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes (Music Video)

♪ "The Miner" - A Minecraft Parody of The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes (Music Video)

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About: ♪ "The Miner" - A Minecraft Parody of The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes (Music Video)

1:26 kids if an overaged person tries to hit on you this is what you say
Everyone saying revenge is the best mc song like..
Those old times when I thought "Minecraft" was a music gender

And gosh! I was right
When you found iron in pocket edition at Christmas in 2012
When it’s 2012. When Minecraft music parody’s we’re still new.When Pewdiepie wasn’t the biggest yt channel. When Minecraft was first starting out.
We log onto our computers, start a new world, and venture through the endless realm that we call home. Whenever school finished, you always logged on and played with friends, adventuring together, building together...mining together, as you are listening to this song
And now, we have reached 2020. Listening to this song always travels us back in time. Remembering those days. Just remember, be glad that it happened
Me iso llorar 😭😭😭😭😭
We are all fighters,
We are all miners,
We are Gen Z
This song brings backs good memories I miss the good old days who else felt something sad when they saw this video 😔😢
I bought this on iTunes like 7 years ago lmao
Miner forever 2020
What was the original song this parody came from.
This is a bit cringe, but also so much nostalgia, I’m full on sobbing atm :,)
Drop a Like for the all the minecrafters of 2020 still listening to this song
7 years ago..
When you havent watched this video for almost 5 years and you still know the lyrics😔😔

I miss these old Minecraft days
Miss nostalgia
I really wish this decade didn't have to end. Alot of great memories playing Minecraft.
Happy New Year Everyone and a New Decade
Starting off the new year and decade with a bang! This song was my childhood. ❤️
This guy didn’t even mine anything :/
Here to pay my respects one last time before the end of the decade. salutes

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