Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  The long lost hidden coal mines of Barnsley Part Two by Dave Cherry

The long lost hidden coal mines of Barnsley Part Two by Dave Cherry

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


About: The long lost hidden coal mines of Barnsley Part Two by Dave Cherry

Thanks again. A fascinating series. One cannot notice that like the battlefields of the Western Front, it doesn't take nature very long to reclaim the land.
Fascinating Dave. Thank you for taking the trouble to produce and share this amazing history of the mines in the Barnsley area. Grandfather was Deputy at Darfield Main and Wombwell Main. Just amazing to see your videos. Sincere thanks to you and everyone who assisted you.
I love what pops up in the YouTube feed! Really enjoyed this! Few more to have a look at too!
Forget my last comment this was long before dad was born
At 2,28 the map shown could have been the work of my dad Horace Crossland, he was surveyor for 25 years at Dodworth Colliery.
Well done, Dave. Very interesting piece of work. My Dad was the last electrician at Wharncliffe Woodmoor. He shut the power off in 1966. A photo exists somewhere of him, the colliery manager and Roy Mason (I think) that was featured in the `Barnsley Star' along with an article about the closure. (I know this is way beyond the time frame you're looking at though)
My Grandfather (just in passing) was undermanager at Barnsley Main, he left just a few months before the explosion. He entered in the M&Q book that he had detected methane and was summoned to the office to retract the entry. This he did not do, so was asked to `leave' the employment of the mine. He wrote a poem about the incident, (he had quite a few poems published locally in his native Scotland) but this one, we could not show anyone really, as names of people involved were mentioned.
Hope you manage to get around to doing some more of these, they are very good. Best Wishes.
Any vids on old pits up Stainborough and Hood Green way Dave??
Great film, Dave! I love the way you've used the Ian McMillan poem - and the Barnsley countryside looks lovely in the spring.
Love the drone footage !
Was talking about pits with my grandfather today! Great video thanks again Dave 👌

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