Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  The Coal Vote: Showdown in West Virginia's Midterm Elections

The Coal Vote: Showdown in West Virginia's Midterm Elections

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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Solar is cheaper than coal .
Fuckin propaganda bullshit so tired of libtards no global warming bla bla etc. When are government let's some new technology out then we will do something different
Coal industry is dead , as dead as all the miners who died from black lung, explosions and cave ins. Mining it is a mentally of stupidity.
waaaaaa coal is dead
It's fucked up how an industry that destroys the environment is this community's life blood.
As a resident of West Virginia, the grandson of two coal miners, and as a college student, working as a military trained scuba diver to obtain organic, water and soul samples as part of the Kanawha River Project, an environmental study, conducted by the University of Charleston, on the industrial effects on the organic effects on the introduction of various heavy metals to Kanawha River and the rivers that feed into it. Prior to the Freedom Industries incident, very few West Virginians were aware of the impacts that the local coal and chemical industries, and are still ignorant (definition - the lack of knowledge) on the levels of heavy metals in the water sources in the local area.
The levels of heavy metals in the local water sources has been at dangerously high levels for several decades, as indicated by soil samples taken from various points in the rivers.
The simple fact is, the average West Virginian didn't ask questions until the water, coming from their taps, via the city water lines smelled like candy and turpentine.
Unfortunately years after the Freedom Industries incident in Charleston, West Virginia, the average West Virginian are not able to hold the coal and chemical companies, as the primary job providers, accountable for their impact on their own environment. The emotions surrounding coal are very strong here, to a religious level, as nodded to in this piece. There are two unquestionable forces in West Virginia, God and Coal. Speaking out against either will result in social isolation. The people in this state are forced to either leave their home state, or give their kids tap water from water sources, dangerously high in heavy metals like mercury. They're fed propaganda by the same companies that paid them in script, and had those miners and their families, striking for safe working conditions and reasonable wages, burned alive, as they slept in tents, during a mining strike not all that long ago. The subservient attitude towards an employer by West Virginians is akin to those under the rule of a dictator, with a corporate logo. A recent history of increased flooding, the decimation of the local organic life, and avoidable mining tragedies is overlooked, and forgotten. Those responsible, due to political contributions and lobbying for relaxed safety and environmental regulations, are never held accountable, at least in anyway that isn't offset by profit margins, by the justice system.
Coal may keep the lights on, but it also poisons the water, and results in an inexcusable amount of property damage and death, due to flooding caused by irresponsible mining practices. Athough this isn't in a third world country, this is in the United States, where democracy is just a "paid for by" TV campaign ad. This isn't just an issue in West Virginia, citing the oil and chemical impacts in other states. To put food on the table, we as Americans are willing to give them a cold glass of heavy metals to wash it down with, and thankful for the employer who provides that meal, while we distract ourselves with the news media spinning scary tales of systematic racism, terroristic immigrants, and weapons of mass destruction, dividing ourselves into us and them camps, all of this fed to us by the real threatening minority, a 1%, who cashes in on the general blissful ignorance of the 99%.
If there's no coal what can we put in Hillary Clinton's Christmas stocking?
We only have one earth, and we have already damaged it far beyond what we should forgive ourselves for.
The trouble with people all over the world is that their view of the whole world is restricted to the immediate area they grew up and live in.
Go anywhere in this world and talk to the middle class ( which is growing smaller and poorer ), and they will all tell you the same thing. The cost of living, the price of everything is going up and up. Jobs are getting less and the govts. and businesses only talk about increasing the minimum wage. The wage earners don't have any savings in the bank because they don't earn enough to save. What they do have is a lot of loans to pay back.
But don't worry. The rich who own all the huge corporations will join us eventually. They will be unable to sell their services and goods because the majority of the world population will not be able to afford it.

Like I always said, the rich are strangling the golden geese that are their source of wealth.
how can the reps accept a dem who jumps ship in order to be elected and he wins you get 1 seat but where is his heart of hearts? he is a traitor ,full stop.eample obama wins and then says im going to be a republican. only in america.
West Virginia stay away from the Dems of all stripes, they are your enemy and the enemy of the state.... Eliminating and curbing fossil fuels, especially coal, is a phony argument.... President Trump and the republican party are your only hope for a future.
The government will never bring coal mines back! The only one on your side was Obama. This state will never recover at all with Trump!!! Ever!!!!!! Trump cares about his wall and Russia steel!!!! Your fucked!!!!
This state almost has no hope for survival what so ever get out while you can, the roads suck, the jobs suck, health care here is a joke propped up by mylan pharmaceuticals, your water is poisoned your air is toxic filled with mercury and chemicals from your backyard meth cooks yeh your state pretty much sucks but the nature is beautiful unlike the people and politics that occupy an govern this shit hole y’all call home
5:43 Fallout 76’s pre war story, in a nutshell
Horses and buggies are going to come back, whale oil is going to come back, the old south is going to come back. Donald Trump says so and he never lies.
Blame the government, makes sense.
Keep saying that climate change isn't real. I want to play Fallout in real life. I still need to use all my preps from 2012.
founded on but its time to re invent yourself people, Machinery will take over
There is no such this g as clean coal.... The market for coal is over and it will not come back....adapt

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Coal is extracted from the ground by coal mining, either underground by shaft mining, or at ground level by open pit mining extraction.


Coal is primarily used as a solid fuel to produce electricity and heat through combustion. World coal consumption was about 7.25 billion tonnes in 2010 The price of coal increased from around $30.00 per short ton in 2000 to around $150.00 per short ton as of September 2008. In early 2015, it was trading near $56/ton.