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My mother-in-law taught Make Do and Mend during WW2 and my mother was excellent at cooking up a storm with whatever she could get with hers and Dad's ration books. I learned so much from them and here I am, in 2019, still practising a number of the things that they did then. No, I don't darn T-shirts, but I am able to do it if I have to. And yes, I can scrabble around my store cupboards and usually come up with a reasonable meal. It's a blending of skills and knowledge.

Mind you, as someone else has said, I am surprised they weren't given chickens to keep - much less bother to feed, give you eggs for the family and you can eat them when they are past laying.
When they talked about the fuel rationing, I remember my gran telling us she'd sent a pressure cooker to her sister in Sheffield to cut down on using the cooker & save time. It cooks food in 2/3 less time, so uses less fuel. Her sister, who died only 4 years ago at 98, still had that 1939 Presto Pressure Cooker! She said it fed them through the war.
As much as I enjoyed this, I wish they’d shown several families coping with the same issues, the way they did with frontier house.
I don't do dishes that's women's work, what a bell end , women helped win the war!!
Obviously they never got the hang of the curlers, lol. I used to wear rag curlers when I was little,; they're more comfortable than the ones they were given. Their hair looks like it was combed with a blender.
3:26 "mwamahamahw" XD
Watching in 2019! It is an excellent series for sure... But, I cannot be the only one whose main take-away from this is to never put up with war! It is up to the people to refuse to participate in the madness...
Gril needs a mustache wax
I feel sad for that poor boy who had to travel back in time to the 1940s to go on his first family picnic.
I wish they had made this an ongoing show with other families taking part, lots of people would love to take part in this, and it's very entertaining, its a shame it was just a one-off,
Please sew those crochet blankets up right and stop cutting that yarn like that. Grrrrrrrr. They need to use common sense in doing things. The kids are the only ones getting it.
This mother and daughter are pretty useless in the kitchen........ and generally, running a household, and with kids.
My mum used to have underslips made of parachute silk. Because when a parachute had been opened it could not be folded again.
A wonderful series! Shows how we could all do with a little more do-it-yourself. One booboo, though. The Canadian flag they used is the new one adopted in 1965.
Loved the kids, real sweethearts, credit to their mum
Yep. Positive service makes you stronger.
Where were the Australian flags on the map? My grandfather was a rear tail gunner right over Germany.
amusingly, I'm sitting here crocheting as I watch these.
Anyone else remember the book(children's) The Ivy Cottage ? When they were riding the bikes @10:12-@10:19 , the Mom with her hat,glasses and bicycle with basket took me straight back to The Ivy Cottage
That looked like she wasted quite a bit of stuff from the garden making her root cover up

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