Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Terraria Mage Loadout Guide (Magic Class Build: Armor, Weapons & Accessories 1.3 & 1.2.4)

Terraria Mage Loadout Guide (Magic Class Build: Armor, Weapons & Accessories 1.3 & 1.2.4)

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About: Terraria Mage Loadout Guide (Magic Class Build: Armor, Weapons & Accessories 1.3 & 1.2.4)

So... Any boots that grant you speed doesn't fix here?
9:47 you mean bombs?
Nice Guide Ma Duuude
A video of 5 minutes has the same effect as this entire video.
Mage class is too weak at the moment. Like both Ranger and Melee are stronger in terms of DPS, and both don't suffer from mana sickness or running out of mana. Also imbuing and debuff causing accessories don't work with mage, so you have to hope that your weapons cause those debuffs on default.
You also have way lower defense than warrior and ranger and no real benefit, sure your weapons initially are kinda cool, and you got some cheesy stuff like the spacegun and meteor armor in prehardmode, however it kinda doesn't make up for the mages impotence in later hardmode.
You'd think that a class that sacrifices defense, and virtually unlimited firepower would make up for that with massive DPS, but it doesn't, your DPS is comically low in later hardmode compared to ranger and warrior.
I think mage dps should be doubled, or they should completely revoke the mana sickness debuff changes, so that you can have virtually unlimited firepower without compromise again.
Because right now it is just frustrating playing mage in multiplayer, because you're always the weakest link, until the end of the game. Which is ridiculous because then it doesn't matter anymore.
You’re amazing, thank you so much for your tile putting this together! Just getting into Terraria again, super helpful!
Spectre armor and celestial or magic cuffs is so good because you take damage to get mana while you use your weapon to gain back that health it worked for me on mobile with no mana potions to beat up to golem
what about the gem robes? I have the diamond robe which gives me an extra 80 mana and 15% reduced mana usage with 3 defense. how does that stack up to other mage armor in pre-hard mode and maybe even in hard mode?
I love all your vids thx alot for them
I noticed your in normal mode from the fight with Cthulhu and I don’t know how you do it I went to expert on my second run and after I can never play normal I find the normal mode pathetically easy after expert
Smashing a crimson heart or an orb it has a 50 percent chance of a meteor to hit your world
I always use melee when I'm just playing and trying to do stuff, but I always switch to mage class to defeat bosses, mainly because I don't like wasting my mana potions on fighting non-important enemies.
Urr videos gud
37:31 piercing rain
Just like Rain World!
I feel like magic is a lot less useful in hard mode on old generation versions such as xbox 360
What about Mythril armor?
Mfw when got the Terrarian and accidentally sold it
Bro can I be dad
If anyone sees this can you help me I don’t know what mage things are good for the destroyer
Is the arcane modifier good for my accessories?

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