Taylor Ray Holbrook - Coal Town - Official Music Video

Taylor Ray Holbrook - Coal Town - Official Music Video

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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Same over here. Big logging industry, but when all these laws and regulations on logging came along the mills shut down and we became a prison town and what was once thriving is half way abandoned. Now the old early 1900s equipment is being discarded, the ponds drained, and the workers and families who depended on the industry to live are gone. The mills date back to the early 1800s, the first person to die and be buried in our historic cemetery died in the first mill pond after he drowned. Beautiful buildings, storefronts, and even houses, forgotten with the mills and the workers that ran them. Ever wonder why so many massive devastating fires happen in California? The Democrats think that logging is destroying our forests so theyre thick and controlled burns arent even allowed and that just means more fuel for the fire. And since those people got their way, that was it for us as a town, a county, a region entirely. If you look at the very first pictures of this town with the very first cameras, they're all of PROUD hard working loggers next to their hard work with old trains, tractors, and saws. Our forests still echo with the sounds of old steam engines and the first combustion engines, and old railways still wind through our mountains, from mill to mill only to be forgotten and discarded. It's a prison town now. Nobody sees anything in it, no improvement, no historical sites, tours, or museums. You can feel the history in this town, the murals tell a story, the town itself tells a story, you can feel the energy it used to have, the ghosts of the citizens who once lived in this shell of a town from the old West to later still walk the streets and the old steam whistle still echos through through town, but all of this is forgotten, nobody cares, it's all taken for granted.
Being a coal miners wife and living in southern WV...this definitely hits my feels ❤ We've almost had to move out of state multiple times, but by the grace of God my husband would always find another job. This life is ridiculed and overlooked a lot, but this is real life for A LOT of us. You're doing great work with ur music and making it REAL...that's why you are so loved. Keep up the great work. God's got big plans for you!
From southeastern Ky, my dad has mined for a long time! Love this song! Keep making music, still supporting you!!
I can so relate to this song summers in oak ridge Tenn family was a coal mining family til it all changed , I pray for all coal miners and their families.
It's going to get better for us all.
Bet you Jimmy Rose would give it a thumbs up
My dad was a coal miner until he got layed off
My home town nothing left since coal crashed
@Taylor Ray Holbrook what chords are you using??? Would love to learn this!! My mamaw and papaw are from small coal towns in WV and Im in love with this song.
I’m from SWVA 💕💕💕💕
American through and through! Despite the hatred and discontent the democrat party has for America!
Lived in a small coal town almost all of my life always thought one day I would work coal mines but they shut down before I could and because of the lack of work I had to leave but one day I'll be back to my small coal town
Love this music, can you put me on your Snapchat story
Living proof, you can do anything you want to in life. Been following you for 3 years on Snapchat, and all I can say is what an inspiration you are to so many. No matter the hardships you've faced, you've always pushed through strong. Great song man keep up the great work! Hats off to you!
"JOY" stickers most have no clue what i am talking about  keep it up
Hey Taylor! Your work is already wonderful. But c'mon, open your eyes to more Rock songs, like Reload (Colt Ford). Your voice was truly made for it! Bye man! Sucess and Peace!
Eastern kentucky raised coal towns all weve ever known.
My family comes from west virginia so i know this song means ALOT to me and my family. This song helps me alot when i think about my dad uncle grandad exc. I LOVE and APPREICATE everything ya'll do everyday. LOVE YA'll VERY MUCH. I work 10 hours shifts at an italian resturant and all thats EVER played is your music. Plus thought you were REALLY...... HOT😍
Song of the year in my heart
My hometown Appalachia Va

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