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Taylor Ray Holbrook - Coal Town - Official Music Video

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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I work at warrior met coal in Alabama. 2245 feet underground. I don’t know what id do without my longwall shearer and shields in my life. Coal mining will become a part of you. I sure hope these headlamps never quit burning. Keep on diggin boys
Trump for working Families. Dont let the media influnce you. We dont need a president who cares about europe etc. We need a president that cares about the 🇺🇸
Wow this hits the nail on the head, being a coal miner from southwest Virginia and living here my whole life I’ve never heard a song more true.
Love this song so much💚💚💚 so inspiring
I love your music
Thank you so much taylor for all your music but especially this song and video! My mother had my brother and i moving about once a year when we were kids and finally we settled for 9 yrs on wilson street in old bottom. I moved to Appalachia when i 9 yrs. old, we would go up on boggs mtn and ride around. Before i moved into town i lived in stonega (for about 4-5 yrs.) We even had a coal truck run through our yard on a rainy night, he tore the fence, power lines and everything down. We would play kn the creek and catch craw dads, thinking we were so cool. Then we moved to new bottom, during the day we would walk up to appy pool ( before closed down) and walk to the park with my family. We would go to the natural tunnel (before they made the walking deck) and walk the trestles to caves and bsg. During the night we would walk on main street and go through old bottom and new bottom just to be out of the house, or get kids to sleep. And on boggs there was this certain spot that you can stand at and during the night you see the whole town light up while listening to the trains. It was my favorite spot to be when i was up there. Now i live in cape coral flordia (for 4 yrs. now) and there nothing but pine trees and palm trees, no weather change besides rain and shine. So i get beyond homesick and when you accounced coal town i was beyond excited i and the video made it my favorite song ever. I love Appalachia its such a wonder town and area. It saddens me that the drugs have got so bad but no matter what happens in that town it will always be home to me. So this video helps me with keeping my home sickness at bay thank you so much!! 🙏❤😊
real nice man
Coming from a coal mining family here in Sw VA sad that everything is shutting down 😢 this song makes my heart melt but glad that someone gets the coal family life 💜
My grandpa was a coal miner broke every bone to keep his family feed
The mines are still open in pa
Love this and love my home in West Virginia coal miners daughter here born and raised...Proud of my father who was a true coal miner.
Anybody know where this was filmed?
Born in southwest Virginia but raised in southeast Kentucky not very far from Virginia. I’m a proud Coal Miners Granddaughter! #coalminersgranddaughter
Dame good song buddy keep up the good work I am proud of you keep up the good work again
This speaks so highly to me, my family is from Buchanan County, VA and this is so true. My popaw was the last of coal miners in our family, my daddy had to take a job in the prison where he died in the line of duty, and my husband is a logger. And we are just picking up the pieces of the ground, of what’s left of a coal town. Thank you so much for this song Mr. Holbrook ❤️❤️❤️ you never cease to amaze me 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
my home town
You Sanging by gosh thats the truth
That looks like D10 right ther boes
I married a girl from Lynch Ky . I was raised in Harlan Co . Abd libe in Gate City now
By gosh u are in Lynch

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Coal is extracted from the ground by coal mining, either underground by shaft mining, or at ground level by open pit mining extraction.


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