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Star Citizen - Concept Sales & Variants Before New Year

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Damn you can buy some high-end graphic cards for price of some ships :/
Ben said that the Carrack is to the Aquila as the 890 Jump is to the Phoenix.  I expect the Carrack to be more than the $325 Aquila. 
It would be really cool of them to show some stuff on the gladiator... quite a few people backed with that ship a long time ago and now only hear rumors of its existence.
Gah. What a time to be without money. I enjoy your videos because they are quick and to the point. Im real curious to see the nee avenger variants now
One more thing we will see this year is a new trailer for a ship. The trailer will use the new system for facial animations in the game, so it will not look as plastic as the stuff we saw the host have in the M50/Galactic Gear trailer.
Should be an anniversary sale coming up soon too. It sounds strange but the only ships I want to own and have LTI on is one of the starter ships just to play around with, I feel like I won't appreciate losing the bigger ones and just shrug it off if I get one blown up. Gives insurance weight and importance in having it.
Not the Merchantman?

Because its confirmd that its concept complete.

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