Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  STAGED | Jeffrey Epstein arrested for sex trafficking July 6 & his July 8 court date

STAGED | Jeffrey Epstein arrested for sex trafficking July 6 & his July 8 court date

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About: STAGED | Jeffrey Epstein arrested for sex trafficking July 6 & his July 8 court date

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Cant wait till u cover his suicide
I cant wait to you break down his ritual suicide
Yea if it was reality it would read " Epstein's membership was revoked for cause and any further membership benefits are prohibited.
Please explore the Jewish connection to this, your report is amazingly shallow, dig man I know you'll find it without me telling you.
This story is from the Q ballz operation. Trump is going to save us from the cabal. Lol
Alot of speculation but hopefully the Q team is real and they do what they say they will do which is bring down the global dark control, mainly targeting child sex crimes/rituals.
Whether you think Q is fake or not, he has woken up millions to think for themselves and realize this world is run by evil people and that its time for light to win. If you have good intentions in your heart and walk with god then you will be fine and this movement will be huge.
This guy is protected he's like Snowden. Knows to much. Probably has people standing by if things get to a point that he has other plans. People like this are very dangerous. Please people who's on his pay roll. Once they freeze his accounts. He probably had a nest egg put away that made interest through the years he can tap into.
Trump knows all about it. Trump said Jeffy was a great guy in the 90s..Trump said they are all good. Trump maybe one step above them. Trump likes good looking women at least. Trump is not on drugs either. Trumps not a drunk either. Trump has to follow the plan. not elected..selected..things are not as they appear. Trump not gonnna save you guys..just himself. Trump not making America great again..he is making Israel great. Look around at his family and see what they believe in. It's not Jesus..fake news from Trump.
Strange freakshow channel
Looks like Burt Bacharach's twin.....
Epstein has a private foundation for Harvard (Skull & Bones). It's based in the Virgin Islands where he has his Little St. James Island. The Board of the foundation includes the wife of the former Governor of the islands. Definitely nothing suspicious going on here....

Jeffrey himself was also a "former member of the Mind, Brain and Behavior Committee at Harvard", according to his website.

"Epstein's Law" according to the Edge Organization to which he was and may still be an active member of.

"Epstein's First Law
Know when you are winning.
Epstein's Second Law
The key question is not what can I gain but what do I have to lose."
Keep an eye out for ol' Bill (Blythe) Clinton. He'll be turning 73 this year.
Sacrifice = 73 in Ordinal
Ritual sacrifice = 73 in Full Reduction
(Hillary Clinton = 73 in Full Reduction)

From this news breaking to his 73rd Birthday is a span of 44 days later.
Kill = 44 in Ordinal
(Also a span of 1 month & 13 days.)

Bill's upcoming birthday has 66 date numerology. Epstein currently 66.

Add both their ages up when bill turns 73 later this year, 66+73= 139 .
139 = 34th Prime
Murder = 34 in Full Reduction

From Epstein's birthday this year to Bill's birthday is a span of 139 days later.
(Freemasonry = 139 in Ordinal)

This news broke on Bill's 322nd day of being 72 years old.
Jeffrey Edward Epstein = 322 in Reverse Ordinal

What do you think? Good enough circumstances for the clique to off Bill in his 73rd year alive?
You effing SHILL.
As long as Epstein has his little black book & extensive video collection in a safe place with a trusted person he won't do much time.
I was wondering if this was a distraction the minute I saw this story. I was really hoping this slimeball would get what he deserves, along with all the others in his black book. we have to wonder what they are trying to distract us from? Nice work Zachary!
pedophile ring
What about the others that have been exposed, Clinton 26 times, and many others.????
He got money ant nothing go happen to him..he will pay money to get off..him and Donald Trump are friends..

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