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Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun (Official Music Video)

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About: Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun (Official Music Video)

Basically an acid trip
Is this what first person acid is like
I miss Chris Cornell
I am from the future don’t do drugs
This could easily give someone a seizure
Tks :v
2020?? This song is lit
this is how i see every ppl i pass and make eye contact with on the street, and ppl who works in supermarkets haha! Fake as fuck! Sad angry and irritablel while putting a big fake smile on their face looking like demons in their eyes. smiling while they are looking you deep in your eyes like they want to kill you, with that big fake smile... it creeps me out.
Most black holes, in theory, are created out of a dying star(our sun). When our sun dies which it will, it will most likely supernova, and then become a black hole swallowing any and all planets and gases near by it. As he rights in this song, he see this happening which is predicted in the oldest history book to date, the Bible, and furthermore he wants it to happen cause all these fake ass sheep in the world deserve it.
Back in the day when in high school I didn't ever grasp the meanings of this song or video. Now 20 plus years looking at it, I see it was way ahead of his time. Apocalyptic, sheeple, and the dying of a nation, brainwashed
And wash away the pian, won't you come, won't you come...
-black hole son.
(Mother Earth)
This scares me
Just started listening to Soundgarden. Any recommendations on other songs by them?
sim, eu sou gay
This is the last song I was able to listen to with my brother before he got locked up.... I cant get it out of my head
I felt like I was playing Harvester watching this.
Jokes aside; Rest in Peace, Chris
This video on acid is terrifying
Fact: dip shit garbage music!

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