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Socialism Vs. Capitalism

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Why is the moderator showing off the leg-skin above her knee like she's proud??
youtube! mono sound button please!
The way Mr. Sunkara describes 'rights' as something that can be expanded or contracted through merely democratic process is a terrible definition of rights and not in line with the idea that there are principles at play. He cannot logically demarcate a reason why people ought to have a 'right' to healthcare versus a right to pancakes. The whole meaning of rights becomes meaningless through his conception of the idea. What he is describing is more like, rule by discretion of the mob. Total garbage.
58:18 Reason for Venezuela crisis
1:06:36 Rights defined
Sad that Yaron is so dismissive of Voluntaryism (Anarcho-Capitalism) that he dodged the logic of, "If the State (government) is violence, why rely on it to protect us?" I'll add to that: if free markets are so much better than government in terms of efficiency and freedom, why stop at courts, police, and armies? Yaron is relying on old ideas. Https:// is possible and a better way.
Richard Wolff would be a better match.
38:20 what difference does it make if a crime is committed by an individual or a group? There isn't a difference!
Did Mr. Sunkara say we can "intrude on rights "?!?! 38:40
If you search for what is meant by "signing a contract under duress" you will not find what Mr. Sunkara defines it as.
Mixed economies, like the one Andrew Yang and Bernie Sanders support is most effective for GDP growth. It’s not one or the other.
Everyone please note this event was sponsored by "The Steamboat Institute," which is a far-right think tank funded by the Koch's. Nothing in this debate was supposed to be fair, even calling it a debate is intellectually dishonest.
We need socialism for a fairer society for all .
The right response to socialism, or communism, or anarchy, or fascism, or monopoly privilege (i.e., what we too easy refer to as "capitalism") is found in the writings of Henry George. Remove all monopoly privileges from the systems of law and taxation and the result is cooperative individualism: full equality of opportunity, full individual liberty, within a cooperative social framework. To paraphrase Adam Smith, the role of government is to ensure that a fair field with no favors exists. Markets operate efficiently and fairly when none of the participants enjoys privilege. Few understood better than Henry George the true nature of privilege and what must be done to remove all forms of privilege from our socio-political arrangements and institutions. Of these, he counted "rentier" (i.e., landed) privilege as the most destructive to the promise of democracy.

Edward J. Dodson, M.L.A., Director
School of Cooperative Individualism
Yaron swept the floor with that socialist.
The sound quality of this video is so bad, I stopped watching after 30 seconds.
Good bye!
This is why so many Socialists won't participate in events. They're ripped apart on the moral and economic arguments. This is also why they're hiding behind environmentalism now, play on people's emotions with an illogical demand for Socialism as the answer to climate issues
The sound is terrible in this video. How hard is it to set a mic up beside one of the speakers if you cant tap directly into the sound system?
That said. . .Great job Yaron.
You can't pin a good socialist down. That isn't MY socialism (A isn't A). 'We' can fine tune what doesn't work (who is to decide what works and for whom) by rolling it back, a little private sector here, a little public there. 'We' can do anything we want and yet somehow individual rights will still be respected.
20:01 Sunkara: "The dynamics of having your conditions of life determined by someone else ... it's a contract signed under duress."
The context: Signing a working contract that one did not determine the rules of. One being the job taker.

Question: If a collective of people determine the conditions, how is that collective not "someone else"?

20:21 Sunkara: "Can you not recreate forms of wealth and abundance and innovation [can't hear the next word], from worker owned firms?"

Answer: Who is stopping you from doing this?
Go ahead if you can. You are free to do it. Do not coerce all other people who do not want to participate in this voluntarily to do it though. That is immoral.
I believe in Capitalism, NOT Socialism. Socialism takes away freedom. I have a voice, so let me speak for myself. I don't need someone to speak for me. I don't need someone to tell me how to ask. I don't need someone to wipe my tush. I don't need someone to force me to support some lazy stranger by seizing my tax dollars. I don't want someone telling me what I can or can't own. I want my freedom. I want my freedom to speak, act, and do. I am a free person, NOT a Slave.

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