SimCity 5 (2013) #41 - Ultimate Cash Cow (6) Omega! - Skye's Let's Play SimCity

SimCity 5 (2013) #41 - Ultimate Cash Cow (6) Omega! - Skye's Let's Play SimCity

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About: SimCity 5 (2013) #41 - Ultimate Cash Cow (6) Omega! - Skye's Let's Play SimCity

Gotta ask... Did you come up with this by yourself and if so. How? :-)
The diagnostics lab halves the recovery time for sick sims, surgical halves for injured.
4 years ago.....loved the series....😎
Can't you build a recycling center to deal with all the waste that the omega co produces. Would that mean you do not need as many burners or does the waste that omega produces has to be burned?
this is why theres a save button skye!
where you from? UK??
uuuu vai chera cu
The entrance to the city was a little weird, I'd do a bridge passing over the other bridge in center of city, and the track to return the output, I would do 2 tunnels, to keep a single fast output stream.

But it's very cool! XD :p
My god... the pollution from Omega. Never seen it before until this video. Holy shit.

Anyway, what's with x5 College buildings instead of building their modules in place of 4 additional structures?
I agree with the guy below fantastic layout love how you put a story too it as well. love it.
Excellent layout mate. I enjoyed your video. Not so much the in detail of what OmegaCo is, not that it wasn't good, already know how it works. But the design of your city was excellent. You have the city and region available?
Hey Skye, these videos are great! Really helps to understand all the systems in the game, and have more fun with it. I've been a huge SC fan since the first one, but I was having some trouble wrapping my head around this one. So thanks for the help, man!

Quick question about Omega Cow: Wouldn't a Financial Building make avoiding medium wealth a whole lot easier? Just jack up the mid and high taxes to 20 and put your services anywhere you like. Or is there a specific reason you didn't go that rout?
I made the other city as you advised and to not going on red all the time I put 4 processor factories and imported alloy+plastic.
Now is making 1million per day so it's all good.
125k people at the momment but still good.(It works with 30k-50k people).
Just got the research complete so its time to go back to Omega :)
What computer do you use? The graphics look amazing!! Please respond thank you!
Mr. Mackey is that you? I swear to god I heard an, "okay?" literally after almost every sentence. I'm joking of course, quite honestly enjoyed it for the most park, keep it up, but seriously. Stop it... okay?
I'm having a really hard time getting the population up in the utility city. It's running at a constant -10K/hr loss as I've left one utility building left per service and it's just sucking all my money from OmegaCow. I've zoned like the first city. Should I have industrial zoning in there? Should I have services in there? I can't even reach 15K population to make the university. Is it supposed to run at a loss?
You've well thought this out didn't you?
I'm sorry, I would do a little question. How many I do I build hospitals?

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