Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  SimCity 5 (2013) #36 ▶Omegacow (1) New Crazy Ideas - SimCity Cities of Tomorrow

SimCity 5 (2013) #36 ▶Omegacow (1) New Crazy Ideas - SimCity Cities of Tomorrow

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About: SimCity 5 (2013) #36 ▶Omegacow (1) New Crazy Ideas - SimCity Cities of Tomorrow

How can I collect fran profits to upgrade the hq?
Sad this game failed :(( i am still using this city to play in online mode even today after all this time :)
Well Skye I know that these videos are a bit old and you possibly don't play Sim City any longer, But I still enjoy messing around with new ideas and I loved your omegacow city. I built one just like it and man that is the most money I ever made off a city.I took a clip of a Academy City that I just made using your insane road setup. It has high wealth/high density roads for the zoned area with a slight modification to include 100 parks or so for land value(it worked out well because the lack of pollution I was able to take up more room not needing the dead area). On the side which would be normally the omegaco and industry I have instead,4 low wealth/mid wealth towers with a low and mid wealth mall,one high tech office and high wealth mall megatower as well as recycling. It's a really successful city, does not make as much as the omegacow because no omega. Even so I was gonna post it on youtube and wanted to know if you would be interested in taking a look at it.
I noticed the tunnel bug is sometimes less likely to happen if you place the tunnels before you lay any bridges. had to try this a few times. also tunnels need to go in before any parks or buildings that might be in the way.

I was wondering if you used to play EVE or still do...your voice sounds very familliar
You had me at hello... Now shut up and build!!! lol
Lol Map Desertic :p
I love your O-mega Cow! I did my own in the same region and have now "simmed-up" all the city sites on that side of the region with them all for the most part making a profit! I have a utility city at Hawk View with the addition of the Acadamy and some gambling to make a profit.....LOL! I have a 'true' gambling city and other cities with the Arcology built! I have a friendthat is starting on the other side and I have not yet "invaded" his space as it is but I have been tempted to but head off by going and playing in 'Verdant Jungle'.....LOL! Keep up the great work and I will keep watching your videos! My only regret is that I am such a late comer to the whole "Skye Storme" thing....LOL! 
single player / off-line ?
I can never get the 1440 part to 14 across. It always ends up at 9 and I've tried hundreds of times, any ideas?
im hot
Hey Skye, I wondered if you are able to make images of the layouts you are using for the roads?
With spacings etc on them? Would be easier to copycat your awesome shizzle. :)

I keep alt-tabbing to view a bit of the video to get the layour right x)
Every time I look at this road system...THIS SHIT IS BANANAS!  SKYE, DUDE!
and now after I see all 10 videos u make I can say "OMG" this is just INSANE...your just the best player in this game bro...ty for all your videos...
Hello Skye I have watched all of the videos from this series up to here. I have suffered through that stupid intro and extro more times than I care to count. I hate it Skye whoever created that horrible music for origin should be shot it's so bloody loud that I cringe each time I hear it. I know it's late but please please don't use that music again it's like chalk on a blackboard to me. but I will suffer through it more so I can complete the series as I find your videos interesting. I'm a new subscriber and may not be if you use that music again.
Hi, I love your guides, but I just got CoT expansion recently and you said about the "440" numbers something trick you said for us to remember 60 second guide. Where is that exactly? 

Thank you
Great! Thanks Skye! Stumbled on your channel this morning it's now half 6 in the evening!! You owe me a Thursday! Awsome channel +1 sub looking forward to  wasting more of my life watching you play SC. :)
I missed your videos so much, I started watching some of your old ones :) You voice is kind of funny in this one! :) Oh I bug you too much! Sorry! :')
spent my entire afternoon watching this series... thank you!
I never seen a more dedicated YouTuber like you. You respond to nearly all the comments I've seen. That's impressive, in my eyes you deserve more of subscribers. You showed me how to do things I've never thought possible with this game, For that I applaud you. Thank you for such an enjoyable video. Keep it up :)
Excellent, thank you for sharing

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