Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Shirley Williams, Ken Livingstone, Norman Lamont, Douglas Hurd, Jeremy Paxman on Margaret Thatcher

Shirley Williams, Ken Livingstone, Norman Lamont, Douglas Hurd, Jeremy Paxman on Margaret Thatcher

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About: Shirley Williams, Ken Livingstone, Norman Lamont, Douglas Hurd, Jeremy Paxman on Margaret Thatcher

Why can’t Lamont get his facts right. The 3 day week was under a Tory Government. Ted Heath. The 70s miners strike was lead by Jo Gormley not Arthur Scargill. Scargill didn’t come in until 1981 under Thatchers reign. Also because of Callaghan’s commitment on beating inflation I believe it was running at around 8% before the winter of discontent compared to an awful figure around Heaths time.
And the good news is that the cunt is still dead.
Big bang in the City was her brainchild! agreed. However, what instigated the global financial / credit crisis over the last few years had nothing to do with Maggie for that matter !! She didn't invent credit derivatives and other sophisticated financial products. Financial liberalization benefitted many industrialized nations during the 80s, but there was a lot more to it(the negative downside risks) which one was unable to predict when Maggie was effectively in power during the booming and evolving 80s.
The thing is - when Ken won the Mayoral election - did he renationalise BT - like Hull owned their telephone company for awhile? When Shirley's Lib Dems went into coalition with the Tories - did they reverse any of the things that the Tories did? On both answers - No. So, where's the opposition coming from? They've got to come up with something stronger than that.
Neo-Liberalism is parasitic.
Yes boo to the know-alls in the gallery (and Paxman) who didn't let Shirley in much. She may as well have done a pre-recorded bit, she would have got more air time.
Home ownership is correct. Its the only way u can protect urself from the Tories, something old labour nvr saw. You own a home no one can chase you out. Even if so they have to compensate you.
The UK having the chance of broadband in 1983?  Perhaps Ken Livingstone had internet then but no-one else did.
Privatising the telecoms was the biggest ever loss of potential government revenue, had they sorted out their problems instead of running away from a challenge (typical tory behaviour) and we had still had a state owned telecoms company when the mobile phone boom happened, the state would be the richest on the planet, we would all be bloody millionaires out of our own making,we couldve had 100% of telecoms profit running straight into treasury coffers, instead of vodaphone borrowing money off the government to buy licenses for mobile phones to then use it to offset tax and pay the rest of their tax in luxembourg
Quite right, Ted. Very disappointing.
I've never seen Shirley Williams treated so rudely. No excuse.
Oh well, Blah blah blah all you like when the cons end up being a minority.
She saved no one from nothing, All she had was a personal agenda to help herself and her cronies. At least labour tries to help the poor in this country. All she did was hate. She spread hate and greed.
Simple, she saved this country from the bitch that is socialism which made this country an absolute laughing stock.
Thatcher did not help anyone or even try to help anyone,( apart from her rich cronies) At least Labour tried to help the poor.
Thatcher was an evil witch simples, Come to think about it, her whole stinking government were evil twats
Yeah and no government with less than 50% of the vote has a mandate to rule like Thatcher did, That's why PR is real democracy and FPTP is a five year dictatorship.
livingstone is a tax avoiding champagne socialist who i'm sure owns a nice big house and big salary
apart from 1900 and 1931 no party in the 20th century won more than 50%
No they don't. Shirley is worth listening to but livingstone is so out of touch in thinking the 1970s were brilliant when we were the sick man of europe

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