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Sea Rescue - Full length documentary

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36:00 I love her vest !! Great colors. My favorites! Real fish wife!! I love her. MAINE USA MAINE USA USA
Very interesting show and display of selfless courage to help others when life's worst has come upon them.
M lM.
bourbon assholes
All subs) To gain speed for this sub, the bow should come to a point just like the jet aircraft in order to cut air resistance, Doing this to the sub would cut down water resistance at the bow and increase speed.
The ship that was ripped apart.
French GSG9 go in and wipe me out.
Than go and bomb Maltese government buildings.

Bet they’ll start paying attention at sea a little better.
Thank God. We have these Amazing people to risk their lives to rescue and save others in such difficult condition. These people are truly special people.
They get so tired their bones just break!! HAHA! 19:57
Funny how people act kind if it involved other people but act like a bitch if it comes to whales.
That's how i call: self egoistic hypocrytes xD

Look the comments of many people on the Whale Wars. I think the humans can get their own shit straight but the animals not.
Still it's a hard job to do but i only talk about the comments. Their jobs is kinda logical that it must be respectful.
I sincerely hope that the salary of these wonderful people will be extremely high as they deserve it.
You have to have a lot of respect for anyone choosing to do this difficult job rescuing people at sea.
I had to turn it off , could not listen to the Brit say " U chant " once more ...
the sea gives and the sea takes.
Some segments recorded in 2006. The SA 321 Super Frelon is reputed to be no longer in service. I would like to see more of this kind of presentation produced more recently. BTW - Well done, all! The personnel who guard the coastlines too often receive too little attention.
Fière de la France et de son peuple
Gloire aux heros
lol, the rescue boat name "the abeille" he said means "the bee"
Thank you for this real-life documentary, the dedication of love for the life of those in very life-threatening situations, being rescued by them so they would return to their families and enjoy life. Thank you all for the work that you do in risking your own life for the sake of others. May the Lord bless you and your families. Thank also for the producers of this documentary for showing us things that go on in real life.
Thank u.for your hard work ,SAVEING PEOPLE's LIVE,GOD BE WITH U.ALWAYS.
Why don't frensh fishermen never listen to VHF? If they had some more seamanship, not so many tragedys have happened. Maybe learn some english?

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