San Toy Ohio, Forgotten Ohio mining town

San Toy Ohio, Forgotten Ohio mining town

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About: San Toy Ohio, Forgotten Ohio mining town

That entire area was at one time littered with coal mines..
Wow i would love to metal detect that place!!! All i need is a metal detector
Great video but I have one small request:
When you see writing on the walls...give us a second to read it. Some of the most interesting things that tell us ages and dates, are things like that. Of course in this place there won't be many electrical outlets, fuse panels, door handles and locks on doors, or even woodwork around the doors and windows but those are all things that can really enhance our understanding of the history of a place. Thanks for the video. I'm a native Ohioan.
My grandma was born and lived there a few yrs before it was abandoned ....crazy thanks for the video
love this stuff ! thanks for sharing
they have no trespassing signs up EVERYWHERE now. sad they couldnt just leave the place be.
The foundation that you said was the hospital is actually the theater.
really cool hope to see more
Just so everyone knows this is all posted property I am one of the owners and we rent every thing around there. we did let people look around until everyone left there trash and we started having a lot of problems with theft.
I love the dogs barking in the background. Adds to the creepy factor
Pretty awesome I wish you would have talked more about the history of the town and shown some past and present type photos.
who owns the property around ther
My Mother was born In San Toy Ohio in 1913. I have been there several times. My Mother told me there use to be a murder every Saturday Night and would release the person in the jail to put another one.. She had great stories of San Toy.
The number 2 mine was located just down the road from the aqueduct in your video (the dead end road that has the pine grove and the Y intersection) it was filled in at the same time as the number 1 mine, and was filled to the top with water back in my day,,,it looked like a rectangular pond with a fence around it. They bulldozed a lot of remnants when they filled these mines in.
The last structure in your video was not a mine entrance, it's an aqueduct. The mine shafts (which were vertical) were filled in sometime around the early eighties or late seventies. My friends and I used to throw bricks down the shafts for fun back in the day.The number 1 mine shaft was just up the creek from the jail house about 100 yards and today there is no trace of them. before they filled them in you could see the tipple footers the flagpole and a lot of other foundations around the mine.
My father's family on both his mother and father's sides has lived in Santoy and the surrounding area for generations. My great grandfather started Santoy Holiness Chapel which is still in operation and a lot of my relatives still go there. I love this area and have been to many of the places in your video. I also have swam in several of the reservoirs that provided the town with water.
thanks, I forgot about it till recently
thanks for watching

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