Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Review Of Our New Hitzer 710 Anthracite Coal Stoker.

Review Of Our New Hitzer 710 Anthracite Coal Stoker.

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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After 2 years how is it running for you? Have you ran into any more cons after a few years?
Our old homestead was built around 1900 with a field stone foundation.... with the propane furnace the basement is always cold in the winter. With the stoker furnace burning continually does your basement stay warm? Thanks for your feedback
Good morning.. I am new to your channel- how does your furnace regulate temperature in your home ? Does the blower stay on continuous ? Also your coal stoker must keep your basement toasty -
Finally, someone how hunts with a real muzzleloader, not one of those damn inline ones. Real men use flintlocks. I wish we Idahoans had access to anthracite that wasn't priced like cocaine, Normally I get jealous of other people's woodpiles, now you've got me jealous of your coal pile. That's a new feeling for me.
I heat my shop with coal. I use Clean Coal . I just let it set out in the rain and it's washed clean as a whistle.
What about hot water?
I just installed a wood and hard coal boiler for our home and it looks like It won't take much to heat the home place here.
I live in an old log home in southwestern PA. Not far from the Allegheny mountains.

I like the fact that the hard coal burns clean with no odor involved.
Today I have two tons of coal coming to give the furnace its first tryout.

I love your furnace it looks good
I highly recommend you keep the cover for the coal hopper in place when not fueling it to keep the possibility of coal gas getting into the house.

Where can I go for pricing info? I am interested in a moodel that does hot water and baseboard water heating.
Check out this guy who went to a coal mine to buy his anthracite coal

Make sure you read all the replies.

Just trying to help
If you decide to buy coal in bulk from your local dealer ask him what price he would give you for a truckload, but first ask what size truck delivers his coal. Then offer if it's an amount you have room to store what he would offer you for a truckload and you would prefer not to pay his regular price as the coal won't ever be on his property, it will simply go from the coal breaker to your place. He should give you a good deal as he doesn't have to store it load it or cover it. I would also ask what is the minimum amount of coal where he could give you a decent price on the fuel. By the way if you do buy in bulk the 6 horsepower vacuum is the vacuum you want for the DIY coal vacuum transport, and don't use a larger bucket than a 5 gallon bucket so you don't overheat the vacuum motor.

I know one guy in northern New Hampshire who got his delivery in January and the trucker showed up with his skis and wife driving an 20 wheel dump trailer and in order to unload the truck has to put his pickup sideways behind the dump trailer then drives it to the back of the house wher the trucker can't go then dumps it into the below ground coal bunker. He after I advised him called around to various junkyards and found a 1 ton electro hydraulic dump mechanism that converts a conventional pickup cargo bed to a poor mans dump truck. His last load was 34 tons and took him and the trucker just over 4 hours to transfer the load and fill his bunker. Then the driver and his wife were there guests for the weekend to enjoy the slopes and had a blast before leaving Sunday afternoon. The driver gave him a $500 discount on the trucking for the ski weekend he provided.

Best of luck.

Best of luck whichever way you choose to go.
Just an FYI. Next time you empty the ashes screen out the fine ash cold and add it to a shoe box just the fines.

Now when you want to clean the firebox window simply crumple up a few pages of newspaper dip them into the fine ash and apply to the inside of the window and watch how easily it cleans the inside of the firebox door window. Nothing fancy to buy except the newspaper.

Hope this helps.
In the event you decide to buy coal in bulk this might interest you.

Whether you use it or not it is an interesting idea.

Are you planning on hooking up the hot water heater to a storage tank to prevent you using gas or electricity?

Also if you're considering buying in bulk check with the Reading, Pennsylvania coal breaker. They have a list of truckers who deliver all over the east coast. Or simply the next time you buy several 5gallon buckets of coal ask your supplier how much for say 10 or 20 tons delivered. He has to have a delivery from an anthracite breaker somewhere. It should be considerably cheaper getting your fuel in bulk but also save wear and tear on your truck and less gas and oil.

Oh yeah 27 inches of snow in the front yard this morning. And that's on top of 14 inches we got this past 13 days
3 northeasters we've had in 13 days. Glad it's March just waiting for it to melt.

Best of luck.
If it is running at the lowest possible feed rate, about how often would you empty the ash bucket?
Ok to clean the glass on the firebox door grab a several sheets of newspaper and dip into the ashes you've removed from the ash pan. Dip the crumpled up newspaper into the ashes dry and wipe the inside of the firebox door glass, it will come out clean as a whistle, no straight edge razors or expensive cleaners. Been using this method for over 47 years.

In the event you haven't purchased a generator yet I highly recommend a Kohler air cooled diesel generator which uses a brushless generator which produces clean power like you get from the grid. This on is from a small company in Maine and I would not hesitate to do business with them.
Here is the link for the generator you want with all the specifications.

It is a little bit expensive but very economical to run and will power your entire house. Even though it's diesel it has a decompression lever to start the engine easily with the hand pull rope starter or you could simply order the electric starter kit which starts it very easily. After starting it you let it run for a minute or so to warm up then kick the breaker on. The one thing that impressed me was when a heavy load electrically kicked on the engine rpm didn't drop excessively like a gas generator does. You will love this generator, one pice of advice don't run it out of fuel as they can be a pain to get the air out of the injection system.
A friend of mine has one with over 3000 hours on it and absolutely loves it. When powering his house with the diesel generator you'd never know the difference from commercial grid power.

Best of luck.
How much did that furnace cost?
I have researched for a few months and have settled on a Coal Gun Stoker S130 made by Alternative heating out of Harrisville PA. It is a 27 gallon boiler rather than a forced air furnace. I live in WV coal country and can't find rice or buckwheat coal locally except from Tractor Supply. Lump coal is everywhere but not sized coal. The mines here only sell commercially. The coal dealers who deliver from out of state are selling WV coal. So I have to order WV mined coal from another state while living in WV. It is ironic and frustrating to say the least.
How fast does this burn a ton of rice I'm buying one soon and was wondering if I should

Coal stock

Coal is extracted from the ground by coal mining, either underground by shaft mining, or at ground level by open pit mining extraction.


Coal is primarily used as a solid fuel to produce electricity and heat through combustion. World coal consumption was about 7.25 billion tonnes in 2010 The price of coal increased from around $30.00 per short ton in 2000 to around $150.00 per short ton as of September 2008. In early 2015, it was trading near $56/ton.