Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Reverse Helix Gold Trommel by New Age Mining Equipment

Reverse Helix Gold Trommel by New Age Mining Equipment

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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You really put effort into this, though the dirty lens was distracting, got the idea of your prototype. Have a question, am working on gardening trommel, have you been able to establish a rough idea of how long the barrel would need to be to mash the weeds to death?
zzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZ yawn shit vid and the music 2
When is your next Show,your attending? Love the trumel,(kinda gets me dizzy) with great ideas there. Love to see it in person. Super cool ! that people can buy or build these smaller operation tools/systems. I hope no Shopping Carts where hurt in producing this machine. Music is great ! makes me what to camping and horse backing at the same time. Please ! let me know your next Public attendance location and I will try to plan the trip there. We work on both sides of the Country, can get there !
Thanks a lot. I'm busy with a plant upgrade that should be up and running in 2 months time. Let's see how it performs then I will send you some pics.
Fantastic! Our trommels were designed for the recovery of fine placer gold; not many large nuggets here. If you had a re-circulatory pond, you could set up the steep sloped sluice to catch materials that were exiting the trommel tube. We are in the process of developing a larger trommel which will have 3/4" openings in the classifying screen. If you would care to email photos of your set up, I may have other suggestions for you ( Thank you! Wes
But what about nuggets bigger than 1/2"? I'm specifically asking since we mine close to the gold source and 30 gram nuggets are not unusual. Even flat 3-5 gram nuggets wouldn't go through a 1/2" hole. Wish I could simply run oversize through a steep sloped sluice but unfortunately don't have enough water for this.
Great question; thanks! Check out the improvements in our newer models, especially the Model AU-130 in which we did time testing with several flat nuggets. Any gold that will pass through the 1/2" openings in the classifier screen, will end up in the sluice.
Nice but how do you catch big nuggets? Especially the flat type that typically formed on quarts interface.
You can't believe everything that you see on a "reality" TV show. That very same trommel has been sold & relocated to another claim and is functioning very well, based upon information given to us by folks who actually mine in that area. Our trommels have been Miner tested and proven effective in capturing fine gold 325-mesh and smaller.
They used this sort of technology on gold rush Alaska on a much larger scale..failed miserably gold recovery was minimal
Dam good engeneering there
Greatly appreciated; thank you!
Our New Age Mining Equipment website is now up and running. It still needs tweeking, but we're getting there! Stop by for a visit. We will be at Italian Bar LDMA camp at the end of June for the GPAA field test on our trommel. Be watching for it in the Pick & Shovel Gazette, August/September issue. Thank you!
Very Nice!...b
Check out our newest video, uploaded 5-17-2012, which shows some pretty nice color. Our field testing has been completed and the market-ready edition of our "Eliminator Reverse Helix Gold Trommel", Model AU170-G, made its premiere at the GPAA Gold & Treasure Show in Las Vegas, NV., April 2012. From the positive feed-back that we have received, the modifications and adjustments that were made to the "field test" unit, shown in this March video, were well worth it! Thank You, more to come!

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