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Remember Wilberg

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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Sad and excellent as well. And to be sure, it was produced by the Univ. of Texas at Arlington, which was my school. In Utah, UTA means Utah Transit Authority.
God bless all who were affected by this tradgity. This is a very good part of Utah and the people are great people.
I like the ending when the guy says if you see someone doing something wrong that isn't safe, say something. Lol. Try doing anything close to that at the Peabody mine and you won't have a job. You wanna work in an unsafe environment go to work for Peabody. I swear something tragic will happen and it will be because of the A-HOLE management!
The problem what you allways have is simple you done it wrong mining ...look how we do it ® look the machine pipe where we inside walking. You never understand my Joonist © what means on the pipe we have window s where we can mining extra 5m safety so now when you mining ®©...®...©®© .... So like you understood now how we taken of even ^ the tot coals Z®©®©Z and if collapse after removing the pipes welcome To the safe land of Paris ___ good to build city of lights.
I was working long wall in Hanna wyo. When this happened.our mine rescue team went there ro help out! Ifelt their pain!
yup in canada they got a room every so far that is set up to wait out a fire, in america we got nothing like that so we just kill the guys that work there.
Very moving, very poignant. Thanks for sharing.
I was a coal miner for Emery Mining company, lived in Castle Dale Utah, and Worked the DesBeeDove mine, two of my best friends died in the Wilberg mine disaster, Ray Snow and John Wilsey: RIP my brothers~
Brave Men!
Rest in peace miner. You will never be forgotten!
My dad worked in Deer Creek, he was also on the mine rescue team and went in on recovery. I remember when it happened, just before Chrismas 1984
I've worked in the mines in Carbon County my entire career. My dad was in this video and was the captain of one of the Mine Rescue teams that went in to Wilberg. I can still remember how afraid I was for his safety, but above all I remember the pride I had for his courage. To me those men on the rescue teams at that mine are the most courageous men in the country and they deserve the recognition that comes with that level of bravery. We recognize our firefighters and police when they go above and beyond, but our Mine Rescue teams don't get that same level of recognition and it's a shame. I had friends who lost their father on that day and my heart breaks for each and every one of them. It was a tragedy that shook this community to it's core and is something that none of us will ever forget.
So much Respect for the guys on the Mine Rescue Team. My very first Boss Steve Radmall (not sure how to spell it sorry Steve) told me about this my 1st night underground. May The Brave 27 Rest In Peace U may be Gone but Never Forgotten. Great Documentary.
I worked over 20years in pike county Kentucky coal mine I've been through a lot in there fires. water . Got my arm cut off love all my brothers that's ever worked in coal mine I would go back tomorrow my heart goes out to those guys
My dad was in the cover/thumb nail photo. Bottom row, 4th from the left. Dale Jones. I still have his award plaque from the recovery team hanging on the wall, and handed down the specially engraved Bible his team gave my mother after his death to my sister in law. I’ve never seen a greater group of men. Or a better sense of family bond among workers. Wish he had lived to see this film.
MY hat is off to all of them. Then, now and forever. May God Bless Every One Of You!
Amazing story, I'd love to be back underground and back on a mine rescue team.
I work in a mine in West Virginia we had a fire on my section in 2015 our training kicked and got it under control I don’t know how we didn’t loose anyone, I won’t forget Wilberg we are all brothers rest easy my brothers
My dad was one of the members of the mine rescue teams that went in after the disaster. He hasn’t talked about it since it happened I was six when it occurred.

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