Reba McEntire, Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You

Reba McEntire, Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You

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Kelly Clarkson becareful this guy treatment you be okay strong your fine brave girl Kelly Clarkson I want broke up with him
Only kelly pls. ;)
Growing up I used to think it was okay to hit people since my father used to beat the hell out of my mum and my sibling but when she finally stood up for herself, I knew it was wrong and ill. I still hate him for it but not we are happy without him on the picture. But still am afraid to trust people since I don't want that life again.
Lol because of my mother
Kelly Clarkson I want be okay strong girl you can sing with Reba mcentire they are my favorite ladies
made my day..
i think i still like the orginal with linda davis whoever she is
Wow, 2019, this song never gets old.
I had an abusive boyfriend after my parents passed away. I got softball sized black eyes, my shoulder is permanently messed up 13 yrs later. He used to punch me dead in the face. He ripped my ear off.. I have memory problems and hearing issues. We only dated 6 months he wanted my inheritance. The worst was he called me on my first christmas alone after everyone died to tell me he was the one that called child services and lied and got my son who was born on the same day my last parent my gran died away... And he laughed amd laughed as I stood there in shock. Because my son was taken away at the very start of our relationship and I slept with and cried on this guys shoulder and he was the enemy the whole time... That broke me.
Kelly clarkson be okay strong girl
it's a shame that's others
Comment's stay on here and mine gone i gone through this.
This song reminds me of my mother and growing up with her , I will never make the same mistakes she made.
thank God that today's woman can overcome this bullshit, thanks to you anr this song
When a mother accepts bad in her life, and doesn’t teach her daughter any different. Watching her daughter cover up the pain and not helping her by showing her to leave, and breaking the cycle.. sad sad !
Voz bonita, esplêndida !
I can relate to this song in more ways than one its sad but I do" live on the safe side so I dont get hurt"
I sent this to my wife because she was my life and first true love. We will be married 19 years this February and have 6 wonderful kids together, but she destroyed all of our lives with an affair that has gone on for almost a year. Can my kids and I ever get over the destruction she has caused?
U might have broken me and abused me because of ur ptsd but guess what I won't ever let that bring me down and I have a better woman in my life then someone whose pushed me into a bench and tried hitting me even when u was on ur drugs and alcohol guess what because of u I'm a damn stronger ass woman and standing tall now
Whats that sitcom reba was in in the late 90s?

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