Reba McEntire, Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You

Reba McEntire, Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You

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i agree with reba when she sings the words i find it hard to trust any 1 around me,cause i know being around have to earn my trust its simple as that
My theory is that Kelly died by suicide and Reba is singing with her ghost
Is this the original?
Trying not 😢.
Dedicated to my mom, so much pain and I'm changing my life for my kids. I love you mom but it's time to part myself from the bad and that means you. All I have is my kids and it's time to show them the mom I never had. Wish I had my family. It's always been me and my mind is full of thoughts and it's hard to live now. This song means a lot to me.
Reba has a strong twang-but not when she sings!😊😍😍
Domestic Violence doesn't just affect the spouse .. it affects the entire family. Never fight in front of your children.  )  ;
Dec 2018..still 😍😍😍😍
Two people who were close to me just up and left without a word so now I can think them because I only trust few people
I understand this for years I considered crying as a weakness, I didn't even cry at my own mothers funeral. I also find it hard to trust anyone, especially men because of my early childhood and my mom leaving me alone with strange me, leaving me with a little PTSD, I tense if a male sits in back of me mainly . My boyfriend thought I was a lesbian when he first met me because I couldn't even hold his hand.
my heart cant ever break.its broke now
I know I probably said this somewhere already but SADLY it has to be Said over again Ladies if a Man can hurt you in anyway repeatedly over an over again they DON'T love you an they are other MEN out there in the WORLD that will TREAT you Like Gold like the Wonderful person that you Most likely are an that your Dick of an but these Crazy SOB's are crazy enough to hit/beat on you how far are they Willing til your beaten Til the Inches or well just KILL ya!!! You guys either Need to leave these Shit BAGS or Call the Police Wait for for however long or whatever you gotta do just follow the RULES if you MUST an if you CAN,ARM yourselves it will be he was beating me an I was Scared for my LIFE....Ya might face Jail time but might not either way the WOMAN Beaters,Rapists,Child Abusers,Child Rapists THESE are the kinds that just NEED to be SHOT Over an OVer again but don't make Each a KILL Shot make these SOB's HURT like FUCKING Hell !!! An if or when you Finally Run out of Ammo TIE him up somewhere or Handcuff him MAKE whatever you USED Tight as HELL so while he's even BLEEDING out he will FEEL even MORE PAIN,as you can see I FEEL Nothing for these Piles of SHIT but they are Trash an need to be TAKEN Cared of !!! Have a Good Day Or Nite Y'All sorry its a bit Long lmao
This video to me totally represents the power of women who have been abused coming together to support each other. When Reba gently brushes the make up over her black eye it gets me every time.
thank you
The mouth movements don’t match with the music. I’m not a hater. It’s probably just my phone cause it’s laggy. I absolutely love this song. One of my favorites
2018 anyone 💗
Why doesn't Reba send him on a boat ride? LoL
Awesome duet

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