Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Cheap Portable 4 Person Hot Tub Under $400 Setup, Review & Much More

Cheap Portable 4 Person Hot Tub Under $400 Setup, Review & Much More

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Sorry I've been gone for so long guys. I've been live streaming every day on since my back has been jacked up and I'm now just starting to feel well enough to start making videos again. This hot tub has already helped my back a lot and honestly turned out way better than I expected when I purchased it on sale during Black Friday. It's pretty awesome that I finally got a hot tub for about 1/10th of the cost of a real one that I'm completely satisfied with and coupled with a projector it's the ultimate back yard escape. Check the video description for links to all the products in the video and also come over and visit me on my social media platforms including Discord which is live chat that I join every day before and after the live streams in the morning. Good to be back!
So damn glad you're back? Now where the hell is that batman knife? If you don't use it you really aren't back. Lol
Anybody else notice his neighbor is always laughing or smiling when he puts him on camera
How in the hell has this video got 1.1 million views? I'm seriously underestimating the internet these days 😆
Nifty!! Now I can have a spa in my living room! Awesome!! 🎉🎈🎊🎿
Everyone that visits this page....DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF SHIT!!! Barnacules, if you paid $10.00 for this you would have overpaid!! But, you probably know that by now. My wife and I bought one, the pump/heater burned out after a year, they sent us a new one, and that burnt out also, it's now folded up, lying in my side yard!! Our swim spa is on it's way!! Yeah baby!! Another problem with this pos is that it blows air through the holes that circle the bottom of the shit tub, making the water lose heat very quickly!! If you want a hot tub, go to a spa show, spend the money!! It's worth it!! We could have bought a 6-person tub brand new for $5,000.00!! If it is a good company it will have financing!!
I want one now.. Anyways.. Are you planning any meet and greets.. I'm here in Tacoma.. Saw you once driving around but didn't want to be that creep that follows you to say hi.. Anyways.. You and family have lots of fun with that... And the movie on the fence.. Awesome! Lol.. Have a great day / night and get better soon man..

And been off net for a bit.. Sorry for very late response to vid. Lol
Its a solar top to help keep the heat in!
Good lord get to the hot tub
Next week I get my tub.
webpack tshirt ooo
I want one.
Lol bad back but I put in a stove the day before and worried about setting up the inflatable hot tub hahah I just bought one cant wait for it to show up. Gotta love pain killers.
It’s about 800 without a sale in Canada but I’m going to slowly save and get one because there’s not a need right now it’s just a want
Vinyl will get brittle and break down if you expose it to winter weather.
Your high.
for the temp drop just increase the temp lol
2017 ....... so hows it holding up do you recommend ?

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