Peanut Butter and Coal make Crystals?

Peanut Butter and Coal make Crystals?

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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You for guy or to use WARM water so it never washed off the charcoal
It smells like hot rocks in our house 😆
Save Water.. Close the Tap when not in use
The kids are so ennoying and the experiment was not did properly !!! This is so stupid
I seen a video that said to submerge the frozen coal in warm water to uncover the crystal
If you had to scrape the charcoal or break it with a hammer you’ll see the results. It might not be real crystals
Not saying it works or not but, they did not follow the instructions that l saw in a video. Was supposed to be a burning coal or charcoal an put in peanutbutter then ìce and frozen then put in warm water, not rinsed in hot water.
Great kid and awesome parent!
Her kids were so annoying that I didn't even watch to the end
I mean no disrespect my husband does the same thing. I'm trying to do a video or I am on the phone and my husband is just standing around doing nothing to help. Lol. Love him but could he please help. Lol
The father in the background could have taken the baby into the other room. Uggg. Some dad's can't take a hint. Seriously!
You video quality is shit and your kids are annoying. Why would you post a video with your kid crying in the background? No one wants to here that shit!
You have to use fire not just heat
It does not wrk but stay curious!
You where supposed to BURN the coal not put it in the oven. Thats why you got nothing.
"quote of the year" im going back to playing minecraft
That myth has been busted.
I’d like to see if actually lighting the coal on fire and allowing it to turn a bit gray might change your results. Also, it seemed like it took a bit of rubbing away at the actual coal layer to get to the crystal. Thanks for the video!
Oh the irony........your son’s name is Reese! 😂😂😂😂

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Coal is extracted from the ground by coal mining, either underground by shaft mining, or at ground level by open pit mining extraction.


Coal is primarily used as a solid fuel to produce electricity and heat through combustion. World coal consumption was about 7.25 billion tonnes in 2010 The price of coal increased from around $30.00 per short ton in 2000 to around $150.00 per short ton as of September 2008. In early 2015, it was trading near $56/ton.