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OSRS - Kourend Favour - Lovakengj House

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why do people make a video talking about what you're supposed to do while not doing what you're supposed to do?
I wish you actually showed making the armour.
So many Thirsty Virigins
there was an update in 2018 wich locked all the favour you dont have to lock it the game does it for you
Want the truth? It’s way to quick to make sense you lost me so many times and had to keep rewinding I ended up going to another guide
Wait, you do OSRS guides? :O Thats awesome, thank you for your dedication!
A legend is back
OH MY GOD YOU ARE BACK! You are the only reason I ever finished any quests because of you!
Let’s play guess the gender!
woah you're back
Holy shit. I watched your guides as a boy, and now over a decade later I watch them as a man. Thx
i enjoyed your guide a lot and i have been using them for a number of years!

However this specific guide was a bit too confusing for me. I appreciate all the useful information you put in, however what wouldv'e made it better, in my opinion, is if you would have shown the individual steps. Rather than just quickly talk people through it.

Just my opinion, thank you for taking the time to make this guide regardless!
A god has risen again
You're back! Do you still talk to kire? I had him on my old Facebook.. He was a member of our forums and I remember his clan "national guard of runescape."

Just wondering where he went and if he still plays.
Also great guide, helped me out. :)
I love slayermusiq1, i owe him my questcape, but i have to say that you have a perfectionistic approach to the whole thing, which is really pleasing.
love your channel and your voice :3
I mined and dropped till 65, done the quest to 75 then done the minecart network to 100. Most bullshit house
Oh wow. I remember you from using fremmy trials guide manyyyyyyyyy years ago lol wtf

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