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Obamacare in Trump country

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If you sunbathing a lot your already k.o.s in this country
Why aren't any of these suckers called out on their grotesque hypocrisy?
It’s easy to want to repeal something like Obamacare when you have been able to afford the best doctors and medication your whole life and not knowing the struggle of making ends meet day to day, deciding whether to buy food or to buy your medication
Y’all should update on these people. Are they going to vote for trump again?
2019....GOP still trying to repeal it. Not replace, repeal.
I've never been a very political person honestly in my lifetime a president has never effected my life in a big way be it Republican or Democrat so I've never cared. All that being said when Obama was in office it was the first time EVER in my 32 years that I was able to see policy effect those around me. It was almost like a different country nearly everyone I know was taking advantage of government subsidies in one form or another. The argument being that lazy folk want to live off the government is a huge misconception in most cases I seen people who couldn't afford to follow there dreams be handed a lifeline and be enabled to make something if themselves for the first time in their lives. It's sad that it gets so much hate sure it's not a perfect system but how many billions have been squandered in tax dollars on policies that never help our neighbors? I will always remember the Obama administration fondly as its the only administration in my life time to do anything for the people around me.
When you convince millions of people that the money invested in a public healthcare system would be better managed in your pocket 4:02 imagine hating the person who saved your life. Maybe we shouldn't have passed the affordable care act it seems most trump supports wouldn't be around to vote again without it.
Trump has no healthcare plan, ditto for the GOP as a whole! All they know is that they dont like Obamacare and it i has to go! Very sad that the richest country on Earth cannot provide "free" healthcare to all its citizens and legal residents!
Obama called the Republicans Bluff! It seems about the last 20 years the republicans have no plan for health insurance. Instead it's about tax free health savings accounts. If somebody has $1000.00 in his or her's health savings account and they have a heart attack then what?
He's a businessman and he's gonna take all the money
So where is the bestcare?
obama is the best president that their will be in the century historically he is top 5 cool calm fair killed bin laden made mistakes fought hard to survive recession
when u have nothing and u get something naturally u want more
how can you repeal ''affordable health care''.............. not only are these people poor but mentally challenged.
"Trump's a business man, he knows money." Ughh, no, no he doesn't.
Love watching these "we went to a diner in the middle of nowhere flyover country to see what Trump voters are thinking" stories, just to watch somebody who have literally never voted for a Democrat claim that "I'm not really political, but Trump seemed like he was the real deal". It's nonsense. These people have voted Republican their whole lives.
So basically they need Obama care but they are too racist so they have to vote for trump
Oh the irony
Cruz them black folks can't do anything right" therefore obama care is bad.

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