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Nick Clegg on coalition government

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Yesterday I read a newspaper piece whch implied that our government was Stalinist like in its policies and that their boast of a Big Society was no more than an empty slogan. I thought yes!
Anyone else think they look like gay dads who have just adopted britain?
What a nice pair of lying scumbags....6 months on,and they have already renaged on the promise not to increase student fees.Fortunately for Cameron he has ducked this issue,but Cleggs political career is over.I do hope the next 4years go quickly,so we can boot out both these partys for good !!
Clegg is a c*nt.
The Liberal Democrats are a bunch of populist demagogues. Before the election, they claimed to oppose the war in Iraq but are not supporting it. They promised to freeze and eventually abolish university tuition fees, but have now trebled them. They pledged a referendum on proportional representation, but now champion the Alternative Vote. On a whole range of issues, the Liberal Democrats are like chocolate teapots.
Neither of these career politicians are convincing in any way at all.
@newagemisfit No, they have already formed a merger in all but name. The official decision has yet to be made, but it is only a matter of time. Liberal Democrat MPs are the most unprincipled people in politics today, for if Labour had won more seats than any other party then they would now be in a coalition with them rather than the Conservatives. That's the point I'm making.
Sell out, 'we will never raise university fees' what's happening. I will end my A levels and be joining a uni in the next few years, but now i have a life time of debt to deal with because he is a spineless, weak, right wing sell out. It tells me that the only party i can rely on as a young person is Labour, and all because he couldn't resist the carrot dangling in front of his face. Donkeys cant leave the carrot, and Mr Clegg, you are, quite simply, an Ass.
By allowing the Liberal Democrats to gain a foothold, the Conservatives have destroyed their own party. I predict that after the next election, a merger will be formed. Both parties are the same and if differences arise, they are more than happy to cave in to each other.
The CleggCamSham, The Liberal Democrats have not "lost our soul" by going into coalition with the Conservatives, party leader Nick Clegg has said!! Sorry Clegg but no one in a million years thought LibDems would side with let people down and your party has lost all credibility your finished, I enjoy every minute of it you jumped up little shit.
These people have brought up family's on the welfare state....Why is this aloud to happen? oh yeah! human rights...human rights...human rights....GET IT SORTED NOW.....
Hey 'coalition government'? Want to save the country billions without cutting services? 1...stop handing out benefits to people who are risking their lives to get here because of our welfare state?2 investigate so-called single mothers who 'claim' to be living alone and getting every benefit under the sun? ask the boyfriends?3...stop paying benefits to people who have obviously no intention of working?,,,,there are people in this country who have been claiming ever benefit for 20 years.
Seems to have gone quiet on the 'welfare reforms'?Why are you punishing tax-payers, services and jobs,while you continue give handouts to the feckless?Alas! I think they have been scared of by human rights lawyers who are wringing their hands at the prospect of benefit cuts.....£££££
Congratulations Mr Clegg,you sell out merchant you.You've just sold out your voters,for your30 pieces of silver&for your limited period of fame.I don't support the LibDem party,but what that man did was incrediable.The Tories have very little in common with the LibDems,as they've more in common with Labour.
Morcambe & Wise, Laurel & Hardy, Abbot & Costello and now Cameron & Clegg joking a side I hope it works, been a Labour voter, I was hoping for Lib-Lab. Time will tell.
dave & Nick The liberal Conserve We can work it out>? don't look back in anger Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?.the new male bonding .Like super glue Try to see it my way Do I have to keep on talking till I can't go on While you see it your way..See More Run the risk of knowing that our love may soon be gone We can work it out We can work it out
Words are easy, actions on the other hand ??? But it cant be as bad as been lead be a scotch twat
we're fucked lol

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