Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  National Front leader (1971-1974 & 1976-1979) John Tyndall in 1970's interview

National Front leader (1971-1974 & 1976-1979) John Tyndall in 1970's interview

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


About: National Front leader (1971-1974 & 1976-1979) John Tyndall in 1970's interview

Free Speech is a lie. Only certain ideology's enjoy protected free speech. Silencing opposition is the only way they can win.
Jesus ....This is for twats for twats.....Just simply understand if you were from London or Dresden........
It's very interesting that he said he didn't think that the white man was superior to the Chinese and the Japanese, but was superior to the negro.

It seems that he was selectively racist, depending on the particular race.
3:43 Even the reporter refers to someplace other than Britain as the immigrants' "home".
So if they march, they are the extremists, because others will become violent??
Should’ve listened then
Now look at the state we’re in
They’ll grieve when they leave,
National Freedom now the white Man can breath.

Destroy the Red ploy,
We’ll give our nation new strength and joy.
8:06. "what they're saying is...Give us another 30 years to finish the job". Tyndall was exactly right. Just look at the mixed race adverts on television and the promotion of miscegenation. The man was a prophet.
He is so fake definitely worked for MI5
many of his views have changed.....yes because he has to accept life is a virtue to all
A representative of the establishment to lead the NF people into a life of nothingness and stupidity so you guys get dumber and dumber and dumber so much so that you are more primitive that the people you actually hate
When ignorance is bliss
‘’There’s going to be more suffering, in the future, if the problem is not tackled’’. Never were truer words spoken.
Im glad i never saw him., he might have hit me.
He was a vicious nasty man .glad he's gone
Wow. What a horrible, racist, entitled prick. Fuck the NF!
He was a horrible evil racist,
5:51 when Gandhi told all the white people in India to leave did that cause untold suffering?
An egomaniacal prick.
John Tyndal's father was Irish and Irish relations from Waterford.

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