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About: NASA LUNAR ORBITER Moon Anomalies

Watch- '200 proofs the Earth is not a spinning Ball '... by Eric Dubay (2017)  Now translated into 17 languages and has been watched by over 3 million people.
The beginning gave me a headache. After that it's ok. I learned today that Nasa erased Apollo 11 footage to save money. Really!? I can't believe it. How much money did they save?
The fakers seem to be big movie fans lol as I found something resembling the bloody blair witch symbol on the moons surface on the SELENE Lunar Orbiter "footage". I kid you not here's a video of it
Its amazing how shadows can make shapes. When I look through my scope at the moon, craters start to look like mounds.
These are not LOR pictures.
The antenna stands out like a squirrel penis
What are the circular holes
I feel it in my bones, I'm waking up
I really believe the antenna is a radio to God really
Really enjoyed the video and loved the music! A+
how in the hell do they know its a B52 plane from ww2 and all those other things?.
Who sings this song???. Аномалии Строения на Луне Anomaly build Moon Original Photo apollo №1 Аномалии Строения на Луне Anomaly build Moon Original Photo apollo №2 материал
 ,how many subjective anomalies do we endure?, we need proof positive postings of intelligence,past or present,if there.
  yes there are nasa's (apparently) original photo's of supposedly towers on the moon that are blurred.. this in it's-self suggests tapering.  nasa's says camera anomalies but this camera default blurs it seems only with the towers,?.
  honestly there must be life out there but as screamed over and over the subjective and fake photo's robs us of belief..question is how can we constructively change a way to lesson or stop the obvious fakes.?..
   this is not to say this posting has all fakes...but.we need a better way for the quest for truth. a way is with personal telescopes that are strong.enough depicting for instance the towers if this big. postings would not be made fun of anymore as they are now. 
Check the Phoenix Lights event. Seen by 20 000 people in Arizona. The US-Governor, Mr. Symington, ridiculed the witnesses bluntly while holding his position, but admitted later that he saw the phenomenon as well and that the lights in the sky over Arizona were most likely of extraterrestrial origin (1:21:00). Former US Astronaut Edgar Mitchell comes to the conclusion that it was a spaceship (0:52:00): "The Phoenix Lights - we are not alone". Contrast it with the respective Bashar-video on the Phoenix lights and the reason given for choosing Phoenix for initial mass sighting.
if your tired of looking for shapes in the clouds or structures that require imagination check out these images taken from google earth   Moon Anomolies
07kjsdaddy you are wrong. We are very close now. Other countries will land their very soon, China will be the first. In addition we will have home telescopes that will allow us to see debris left their by Nasa. This will happen in the next few decades and humanity that is not already laughing at conspiracy theorists will be laughing at them then. 

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