Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  MOST Mysterious Ghost Towns in the US

MOST Mysterious Ghost Towns in the US

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I lived in cody Wyoming for a couple of months and I loved it. They have a bar you can still smoke in AND a bar called the silver dollar where all the locals flock to every night to get drunk and have fun. I loved it there.
Just a heads up i live in palm springs and thiers quite a nice size community living at the salton sea. So it's not abandoned. Also nobody goes swimming in it and it smells like maaaaaaddd rotten fish. 👍
1:57 That's not W.S. Bodie, that's a picture of Wild Bill Hickok. Seriously do your research.
Your voice makes me think you’re being sarcastic
I'm sorry but there is way more gold they just need to look for it its there.
what's wrong with Mother nature? leave copper and gold alone. Your destroying 🌍.
Yes in Las Vegas
It's been abandoned for 150 years, right about the time that 1930's auto was new, so we must really be in the 2080's now. I'm guessing that car belonged to the infamous "Wild Bill" Bodey who was shot while playing internet poker by a guy who made his pistol with a 3-D extrusion printer....
And, the word is "run", the town was run by... not ran.
Hey jackass a ghost town is a town in which nobody resides that is the point of the fucking word ghost so how about showing towns people ACTUALLY don't live in ... YOU ARE IGNORANT
I just need this guy to say giggity giggity one time ..
Can you maybe make videos in which the background music does not try to be louder than the actual voice, and is not some annoying dubstep?
You voice sounds like a teacher trying to coheres her kindergarten class to take nap time
You missed so many totally awesome abandoned ghost towns in America and I think I know why. You have to go there in the summer and you MUST have four wheel drive. The Rocky Mountains of Colorado are full of some of the most beautiful ghost towns in America. They are WAY up in the mountains.
Cody Wyoming isn’t a ghost town...
When talking about Bodie, you show a picture of Wild Bill Hickok.
Everywhere a chemical leak, or nuke bomb testing happened, became a ghost town.
They weren't represented and then I showed up and they hid behind v their politiciansczvx and toxic waste and oil monopolies. They got what they deserved at counting the costs. These stupid "United" $t@teas ppl. What do you mean creepy I overthrew their shit because I was not represented and now it's my home. I'm coming out and I'm not letting them talk sht about my home..vthats right aszhole we're got out you were talking sht about my ghost towns and now I'm in Ocala, Florida you voter frauds motherfker.
This robo voice needs 2 unplug its nose !
Haahaaa ☆

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