Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Moon Mining, how much is the moon worth, how will we mine its resources, Helium 3 & water.

Moon Mining, how much is the moon worth, how will we mine its resources, Helium 3 & water.

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About: Moon Mining, how much is the moon worth, how will we mine its resources, Helium 3 & water.

Genius....they’ll lower the moon’s mass and bring it here .
We Are The First
Hay as the USA has no real deposits on their every time on reprinted debt-money ( the US dollar ) and the rest of the most countries still have their money based on minerals as Gold-Silver_titanium and etc ...and real work. They have no other way than to go the moon and get some :)
Mine planets not moons.
If it's profitable, it won't matter, safety standards will be lax, people will die, companies will love these conditions. Just look at the history of mining on Earth.
Space cultists. The human body sin't designed for prolonged exposure. Everyone glosses over the fact that Scott Kelly was going blind and slowly dying up there. NASA can't have that getting out so they're downplaying how sick he actually was. He was at risk of cardiac failure and stroke but that's just a trivial factor trust us.
Can you guys please mine on opposite only?
Cool video. Watch the movie Moon for more about moon mining H3
We should send archeologists to the moon to find ancient civilization evidence.
I'm yoost yoking
But who knows, history is crazy like that.
I don't wanna watch this whole fuckin vdo, can someone tell me if there's gold on the moon or not?
Moon wull destroyed imbalance the tidal .
Good presentation n the rebuttal from 1337yogi is an interesting counterpoint. But yogis fails to realize. Yes it would be a money pit with our current technology and it would be decades before we see any viable profit from the endeavor but if we as a species want to survive we must plan n begin this. Our resources are running low in this world n helium 3 is a good propulsion fuel to reach beyond the solar system from the moon. Great example is California in my US. 20 years ago the wanted to create water desalination plants along the coast to plan for the future agricultural needs. Tree huggers cried about ruining the view being destroyed to the cost which was high but now they are in a massive drought n the price of start of building them is not feasible anymore. Just the rare resources of gold and palladium will push technology into the next millennium even if no profit will be made for decades to come. Point of argument ppl need to quit placing money n power over the very existence and survival of the human race. Or we'll all be the way of the dodo bird.
If they start mining the moon, what's going to happen to it in say 50-100 yrs?
I've read somewhere that Earth's Moon is the one thing that stabilizes Earth's rotation, climate, season's, ocean tides, etc., and that little by little, by a fraction of an inch every year, the moon's rotation is getting farther and farther away from the Earth, and will eventually leave Earth's orbit. When that happens, the Earth will wobble on its axis and all the climate and weather patterns will be crazy and unpredictable, and we may even lose are magnetic field that protects us from radiation from the Sun. It could mean the end of life on Earth as we know it.
-So, my concern is that eventually, excessive mining of the Moon could alter its Revolution pattern around the Earth, and possibly speed up the moon's trend towards leaving the Earth's orbit. So the question that comes to my mind is, shouldn't we just be leaving the moon alone? I know, none of this will happen until millions of years from now, but still, shouldn't we just not be doing anything that would possibly speed up that process?
Wait, if the moon contain so many water. That's mean there are creatures in the moon ?
Who would think that our body needs so much H2O but if we separate the oxygen from the hydrogen, the hydrogen can be used for rocket fuel. Anyone capable of this procedure please contact me for I am in need of rocket fuel
How do we know whats on the moon if noone has ever been there? Do we have rock samples from unmanned missions or do we just know this stuff from spectrometry? If you research and know physics a little it becomes obvious we havent been there and it was just a PR-Stunt which worked extremely well. It enabled all this Space Shuttle stuff which is really nice. But the moonlanding didnt happen in my opinion. Id like to know what the moon is made of but you cant trust the rocks thes supposedly took home. And i get people get angry about it because its such a big event in american history but it didnt happen.
Bunch of dweebs in this section analyzing the situation
I think we should leave the moon alone,and not touch it.

Sure - land on it and look around...but start defacing it, and rape it of it's resources - HELL NO!

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