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MONTY 1981

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I think every village has a character like Monty, known by all and looked out for but still isolated in a tight-knit community. I know mine certainly did. It shouldn't be that way. Insightful and sad film.
my nan lived in joys green colld Jane Parker her sister cold pat herbt
When they are shouting Jason that is my mums boyfriend pity he died just 2 days ago on the 18th R.I.P JASON
Well I'm not a Forester, but I live here and I am interested in the area. This film is confusing, because the dialogue is undeciiferable. Add subtitles and it helps a little. but not much. Obviously it is a directed film. i.e the children in the begimnning were directed and not spontaneous. But the message behind the film is important. Please film maker accept that such as I have not the competence to understand your message and add an explanation. JohnT Drybrook.
we was asked to take the piss out of him by the film crew there on that day. Watching the film makes me sad and makes us look so nasty but we were only young and asked by the time who we thought were important people to do so.
A beautiful and thoughtful film
good snap of life at the time I grew up in a poor working class area in Gloucester and we had our own monty, his name was Glen and it was normal for children to follow him shouting abuse the adults just watched it happen I remember one year he was held down and a lit firework was put in his overcoat pocket everyone just laughed and watched.
shameful when you look back
so spiteful, wish I was around to know Monty, I volunteer at Heart Of The Forest school and honestly could never be spiteful to someone like this
Thank you.
I remember Monty. My Grandad lived next door to his family at no. 10 School Road, Joys Green. His Dad was Pomp.
Thank you very much for this lovely film. A moving and poignant glimpse into Monty's life. I'm sure your taking notice of his world would have meant a lot to him.
can anyone tell me when Monty died?
Why did no one help him?
Priceless,  would you permit me to use your video on my page ?,  cheers
it a really interesting documentary brought a lot of memories back for my dad John Hoskins and my uncle Alan Hoskins remembers video being shown
is there a copy can be done on disc just enquiring
Pity it was never shown. I hope some of the 'mickey takers' of the day might reflect on their behaviour seeing it now. A poignant little piece.
my dad john hoskins and my grandma mrs hoskins on school road and my uncle is alan and reg and trevor and my grandad George hoskins
my uncle was reg Hoskins
my family mentioned the famous Hoskins family in joysgreen
We moved to Joy's Green in 2005. And he was the first person to speak to us. Although I couldn't understand a thing he was saying half the time he was very friendly and welcoming. I miss him shouting across the park. R.I.P Monty

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