Michael W. Smith and Israel Houghton - Mighty to Save - Christian Music

Michael W. Smith and Israel Houghton - Mighty to Save - Christian Music

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About: Michael W. Smith and Israel Houghton - Mighty to Save - Christian Music

Not that prefer to Hillsong music to the Lord is beautiful, because anyone deellosson know about our worshiping God ElEterno, we are not for taste but to provide true love, times are near and far can not be at peace, tastes and colors do not send the authors, be happy.
no es que prefieras a Hillsong, la música al Señor es hermosa,porque cualquiera deellosson adoradores denuestro Dios ElEterno, no estamos para gustos sino para poder brindar amor de verdad, los tiempos estan cerca y hasta la fecha no podemos estar en paz, en gustos y colores no mandan los autores, se feliz. 
Este video no es en la iglesia de Lakewood
hiilsong version is better
I agree. I think he is a little flat but still a great singer
this version is a little wierd, ive herd much better from MWS.
Prefiero a Hillsong United...
Yes, this is a Reuben Morgan´s song, and I believe was sang by Hillsong in 2007. However, MWS´s version is as good as the original.
Chevere, hace mucho tiempo que no habia escuchado nada acerca de el.
Awesome song and video! MWS rocks! Seen him and Steven Chapman in concert two days ago and it was the best concert I have been to in a long time!! Can't wait to get this new cd..:). God Bless
Hi,is this song in a new album of michael W.smith?
Well it´s Ruben Morgan who wrote it, and I think the original is far better than this one - sounds as if the singers are good gospel singers but trying to sing something that ain´t really their style. Tjeck out the original version. peace t
i'm sad :( i couldn't be there because i had to work.

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