Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Ledger Nano S Tutorial : Setup and Guide (Hardware wallet)

Ledger Nano S Tutorial : Setup and Guide (Hardware wallet)

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About: Ledger Nano S Tutorial : Setup and Guide (Hardware wallet)

How I enject the nano s at the moment pull it out
Awesome! Thank you!
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How about on android phone ? you have your own app for that?
Lost setup on Ledger Nano S second time, after months of not using it. I was able to restore it and didn't loose any crypto. Is it normal or a problem?
Thats really the issue i have with bitcoin is that it feels so unsafe. Its like people would dig there money down in the forrest. And hope you never lose he treasure map you made. Sounds really stupid to me :/
i installed btc on my ledger, sent btc to ledger live wallet and confirmed my address on my ledger but i can't view account balance. what is going on?
Ok for an example lets say you made a very good size PROFIT on your cryptocurrency and you decide you wanna cash it out from your cold storage device to your bank account how would you do that?
How do you transfer from coinbase too nano?
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very soon 1 million views bro, congrats in advance. By the next bullrun, this will be over 1 million views for sure.
Interesting you input the 24 words while the Nano is connected to the computer. I get that it needs power, but like when a phone is connected, what is to prevent the Ledger software from uploading the words as they are input, storing them locally and uploading to the company when next you connect to the Internet?
is there any way to manage the device and confirm there are crypto on it
So if its so private how do those fing terrorist, thieves at the government know to hit 'you wit their bullshit taxes
Great video. What happens to coins put into this Ledger, before installing a Wallet for that crypto, on the Ledger?

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