LEAKED 1.9Gh/s Ethereum Mining FPGA Card (Ubimust Lure Video :D)

LEAKED 1.9Gh/s Ethereum Mining FPGA Card (Ubimust Lure Video :D)

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About: LEAKED 1.9Gh/s Ethereum Mining FPGA Card (Ubimust Lure Video :D)

As Bitsbetrippin said, the numbers don't add up, the pools stats are never shown, the hashrates are probably faked.
we have 31 of those fpga cards you are talking about
Just my assumption, buriedone..

*The ethminer says its "on difficulty 20, where as my running pheonix miner says its mining difficulty is 4300 mh..

*Eventhough several shares has been "found", the accept (A) counter number is not increasing from 0.. except for (F) counter, which is i have no idea what that is.. unless accepted shares is represented by (F), which likely means "found" or share accepted.

Again, just my assumption & from observation.. im just an amateur beginner-ish, never use ethminer except claymore qtminer & currently using phoenix miner, just what i read from ethminer bitcointalk & github..

Its running in benchmark mode, is the only assumption i can think of.
we'll see in the future whether its real..

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lol this was reported fake here https://fpga.guide/en/scams/
Please share link to bitstream and miner
These numbers are so far from realistic it is laughable. First, the UltraScale V9 cards show above are $7000 ea. if you can buy them. You might get 1 or 2 if you have a good Xilinx rep. Then, the only FPGA that can even come close to any kind of performance are the chips with integrated 8GB HBM, and as of August 2018 those aren't even released, and Xilinx has no date for when they are going to be available. Finally 1.9 Gh/sec for Ethash is a pipedream. Simple math will tell you that it is impossible even if you wait until the integrated HBM comes out.

Oh, and the cost of a single FPGA at Digikey? $32,000 USD. That for probably around 400 Mh/sec - 500 Mh/sec at best, on chips that don't even exist. There is no actual footage of anything in this video. The statements made here are impossible. Do not be fooled.
how can i get an fpgas to mine eth, currently only cryptonight is available
i m getting 1 ETH in every 17-19 days with only 1 1080 ti
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On June 19th, I purchased the XILINX 1525 with mods and DIMMs from the 1st bulk order on this a bitcointalk thread.
I have the receipt to prove it and I'm sure FPGA.land/Squirrels Research will back me up. It will arrive sometime
in August and then I can ship it out. I really wanted to run this card, as projections are $20-$50 per day.
Unfortunately, I need to sell it to pay off some debt. I'm asking $6,000 to cover taxes, shipping, fees, etc.
I know that may seem high but as far as I have researched, Batch 2 is not even close to ready, and people
could be waiting until next year sometime. I will accept ZEN, BTC, ETH and possibly PayPal.

PM me if interested. I'm open to reasonable offers. Highest offer gets it.

A CPU, GPU, ASIC or FPGA all consist of logic building blocks (Logic gates AND, NOT, OR gates, Memory blocks, Flip-Flops, clock drivers etc). The thing how differ is that a FPGA are reconfigurable how this building blocks are connected "wire" together. In a ASIC this logic connection is fix you can not change this configuration you can ONLY change the program sequence on a CPU, ASIC or GPU. But the FPGA you can change everything, both program sequence and configuration of how the logic are connected. So a FPGA is ultimate flexible compared to ASIC but a ASIC with same logic configuration consume less power then the FPGA.
The smallest of Xilinx's Virtex Ultrascale+ chip is 12000$, https://www.digikey.fr/products/fr/integrated-circuits-ics/embedded-fpgas-field-programmable-gate-array/696?k=fpga&k=&pkeyword=fpga&pv457=i1313763&FV=fffc007a%2Cffe002b8%2Cffecdad9&quantity=0&ColumnSort=0&page=1&pageSize=25
Price, 50k per card?
Just a heads up for anyone looking for some more technical details - Matt over at 'The Technicals' had an interview with Olivier Tremois from Xilinx, the company/people who make the 'more desirable' unit (the one that's like ~$4k)
Correct me if I am wrong but I don't believe that these FPGAs would be running ethminer. They would require not only a custom bit stream but also custom mining software not publicly available and not made for commodity GPUs
I think I want a FPGA mining rig.
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Here we go
Which type/brand of case and components was used for FPGA on the video? Thanks.

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