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Komatsu PC5500-6 Documentary

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3:36 i’m surprise there’s no metal covers over the motors and hoses
That machine is just incredible.
At this chanel the best videos about Mining machines. Thanks for your work man
those man baskets can be feel kinda funny if your not used to it
I'd love to see the big 655 at ekati....I guess it's still there
Great video, typical komatsu....leaking out of every fitting it has.
You would think they would put guarding around the track motors. At the cost the machine I would expect that Even poclain does that.
jesus Christ!>. this thing is so tall it needs a cherry picker just to get you into the cockpit!!! insane
this beast must have some serious hours on it. shes somewhat juicy lol
were in pa do you film.enjoy alot
Is there a full time engineer on these bigger hydraulic machines or does the operator take care of the minor stuff?
thanks for all details we can see the positions of the some hidraulics pipes so i think the CAT have more perfection in every detail is my opinion nice vedeo mate
I like how after spending millions on this machine you get a heated seat but you get basic switches and gauges you see in equipment from the 70's haha
Only thing missing from the cab is a toilet and you could live in it
Great video's where are they from in PA I'm from Indiana county PA ......?
Yet another excellent documentary video. Thanks for taking the time to do all these. Happy New Year to you and yours!
great video send more
Kewl video! One question often are these units down for? For example..are they run 24 hours a day or just in shifts?
I didn't quite understand the intro. Has this series been upgraded since 2006?
What state do you find most of the abandoned pieces of equipment in? Also, how do you find them?

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