knox mine disaster location and footage

knox mine disaster location and footage

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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My great grandfather was killed in the Knox Mine Disaster. My great grandmother never got anything from the coal company. No help and definitely no apology. My grandfather rarely talked about it :(
Another great video. My maternal grandfather was a lifelong miner in the Wyoming Valley. I remember my Mom talking about how it was the saddest day for the coal industry. I have to get out and visit these sites. They give me goosebumps and bring tears to my eyes.
I really don't think those wheels are suppose to just fall off like that. The coel company got to greedy for the coal. What a shame.
I grew up in Nanticoke and remember this disaster. My uncle took my cousin and me up to the site when attempts to plug the hole were underway. My grandfather worked in the mines at the time but not for Knox. This is a great video-thanks for sharing.
BRAVE MEN !!!!!!!!!!!!
how did the whole industry suffer why did other mines suffer?
Grew up there. We used to use the old hopper car as a bunk. 70s early 80s. Great area to be a kid. We even climbed those cliffs and explored the old vent shaft. We knew about the history but as young kids didn't really understand.
Just found this video. Excellent job covering this tragic event.
I appreciate the respect your photography ,along with the music , shows in documenting the history and resting place of those 12 miners. Another beautiful and educational video. Well done.
i feel bad for 12 men they cant find :( never forget the dead
that was not good to do.i never heard of this.i sure love u history jp.i want more in pa!so i have little knowledge to share with others.^_^
Excellent video. I visited these spots today and find this incident both fascinating and terrifying.
This what happens when you put money ahead of safety.
May their souls have found peace..
ITT: Greed kills
i feel bad for the men who has lost their live in the mine Rest in peace of the miners all across the country
nicely put together
I was wondering where this place was, Found it in Bing Maps.
41.313275, -75.812467
I remember watching this tragedy on local TV and feeling very frightened. I was 9 years old and remembered my grandparents and uncles who worked in the mines blaming the tragedy on the fact that the company ordered the miners to rob the pillars which was one step away from committing suicide. Greed kills!

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