knox mine disaster location and footage

knox mine disaster location and footage

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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This what happens when you put money ahead of safety.
May their souls have found peace..
ITT: Greed kills
i feel bad for the men who has lost their live in the mine Rest in peace of the miners all across the country
nicely put together
I was wondering where this place was, Found it in Bing Maps.
41.313275, -75.812467
I remember watching this tragedy on local TV and feeling very frightened. I was 9 years old and remembered my grandparents and uncles who worked in the mines blaming the tragedy on the fact that the company ordered the miners to rob the pillars which was one step away from committing suicide. Greed kills!
Many thanks for the video.

A tragic event that, from every thing I've read, was caused by greed. My father was a coal miner during the Great Depression. He had to quit school when he was 16 years old to work in the mines, somewhere around Glen Lyon I think. Eventually he got black lung disease which was a major factor in his dying at age 63. My hat's off to anyone who made a living doing this really tough job.
Song name ?
I remember standing nearby in the woods below River Street Pittston.  Looking across the river to West Pittston was many ambulances on their way to the disaster. I grew up in the  woods by the river and often thought of that day.
The death of an industry , and a way of life
Hi Folks, I lived in Edwardsville until '57. I remember it happening, but not the utter foulness of it all. Reading up on it now just sickens you. I went back to Edwardsville and it hadn't changed a bit. This is why. Jay
the parallels between this event and what led to the lies after benghazi are staggering. i can see a susan rice on channel 28 saying "this tragedy was a natural, horrible unforseen disaster and had NOTHING to do with the greed of the mine bosses."
I was a teenager living very close to the Knox mine on Main St. This brings back a lot of memories. Thank you for sharing it.
My memorial to working miners who made the ultimate sacrifice down the mines , with two poignant songs ..
Thank you for sharing this with us.

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