Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  knox mine disaster location and footage

knox mine disaster location and footage

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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I wasn't even thought of or born yet my heart hurts for those who lost their lives
Wow, what a disaster.
This video was nicely done!!
Aside from the coal car that washed Downstream, it's crazy to think that all those are still down there somewhere.
Nicely done, JP, with appropriate music. How awful and terrifying for the miners. RIP to those who didn't make it out.
sad story but you did it very nice for the men how lost there lives thankyou
All I have to say about this one is "wow" !
so very sad....thanks for sharing....:(
Excellent video documentary! Well done.
This is so sad. And to think no bodies were ever found.
I was 8 years old and living in the area at the time.  I recall some of the TV coverage and sadness of the people who lost loved ones in the disaster.  Later, in the 1960's a lot of hazardous waste was dumped in old mine shafts throughout the NEPA area.  Some of that acid waste coming up is a witch's brew.  I wonder if any of it is radioactive?
Wow. That’s so weird. Did you get any strange vibes?? I am just watching. Great history vid🌵🌵
I just learned about this tragedy from the tour guide at Steamtown national park in Scranton. It is mind-boggling. A question I have is where was all the water exiting from after being sucked in the whirpool? Was it flooding out of mine openings miles away?
Very well done video. I just learned about the Knox Mining Disaster while reading the "Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Pennsylvania Mountains" and searched online, hoping to find a picture or two. What a surprise to find this nice, respectful synopsis. I'm going to have to make a trip to the site. Thanks for your work, JP.
Just think if the breach had been in the middle of the river instead of close to shore. Probably a much bigger problem.
My great grandfather was killed in the Knox Mine Disaster. My great grandmother never got anything from the coal company. No help and definitely no apology. My grandfather rarely talked about it :(
Another great video. My maternal grandfather was a lifelong miner in the Wyoming Valley. I remember my Mom talking about how it was the saddest day for the coal industry. I have to get out and visit these sites. They give me goosebumps and bring tears to my eyes.
I really don't think those wheels are suppose to just fall off like that. The coel company got to greedy for the coal. What a shame.
I grew up in Nanticoke and remember this disaster. My uncle took my cousin and me up to the site when attempts to plug the hole were underway. My grandfather worked in the mines at the time but not for Knox. This is a great video-thanks for sharing.
BRAVE MEN !!!!!!!!!!!!
how did the whole industry suffer why did other mines suffer?
Grew up there. We used to use the old hopper car as a bunk. 70s early 80s. Great area to be a kid. We even climbed those cliffs and explored the old vent shaft. We knew about the history but as young kids didn't really understand.

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