Kane Brown - Homesick

Kane Brown - Homesick

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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His voice is not sellable
He's not marketable in country music.
Thank you to my mom, dad, and other solders! couldn't make it without you! <3
It touch my heart that Kane Brown made a song just for the army. That was a good thing what Kane Brown did.
Love this song so much and RIP to the fallen soldiers!
Not hard to figure out the reason for the hateful comments. Too bad the Land of the FREE is just something ppl like to say. Shameful so many proclaimed “patriots” in this country fail to understand the words. It’s music folks. Don’t like it? There’s sooo much else to listen to or watch.
0:19-0:37 I tear up every single time I see this little baby girl. Her precious smile and reaction are totally priceless. "Hiiii!" claps "Yayyyy" cuddles = heart melts 😭
I love u daddy thank u for your service I love you and miss you.
It's forgettable song!
He has poor album sales and poor concert reviews!
I love you kane brown I love this song
If I have a boy I’m naming him Kane ❤️ you’re an amazing role model and such an amazing artist
Sometimes i feels like i dont believe in true love ...love hurts ???
I like this guy a lot. The tatts, the looks, it's different. Idk why people hate him but I'm guessing it's cuz they are jealous.
His voice is not sellable
He's not marketable in country
Kane Brown This guy is a role model too kid's great singer like all his song's.
Omg, I just love this guy's voice.. I didn't even like country music until I ran across Kane Brown. ❤❤ Thanks for honoring our brave ones. #militarymom
I need a girlfriend
I tried to hold the tears back..
What a great song!!
Kane Brown ...Thank you
Bless our Soilders

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