Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  John Lear's Raw Moon Image - Alien Structures Towers Mining & Lunar Bases

John Lear's Raw Moon Image - Alien Structures Towers Mining & Lunar Bases

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About: John Lear's Raw Moon Image - Alien Structures Towers Mining & Lunar Bases

Bruce be like, ' here john,'
Hold my smoothie for me...
Amazing capture good eye! Yes mining industrial complex artificial and this is an older photo the moon has changed since then
You are deluding yourself and clickbait conning others.
If you think you see a face on the moon you are tripping. I can look at my wall or anything an see a face or a body or even a face and body in the same image. So don’t wet your panties over that type of stuff.
@ 5:13 it's the Wu-Tang symbol.... 😂
I see a big pile of bullcrap! But that's it.
This whole explanations and guessings are more than shitty.Take a clear image and make a bunch of clear vids and we can discuss bout it.But this blurry shit with our technological possibilities is more than make a idiot out of the mass of earth people over the decades.And I cannot hear it anymore.Neither want to think bout it.They lied to us and they blurred the images .And they erased stuff out of them.This sucks.I don't want to be lied.And if ,I do it by myself.So..assholes.Take it ,or leave it.But ,do not lie.And fake evidences and control the medias all over the world.To play a downplay game with us all.Based with faked statements,images,videos and the rational explanation.It do not exist.And it shall not.But we idiots wrote thousands of reports and files over the years.Put it into secret facilities.For what ? Just for fun? Its a mess.
They ve possibilities of clear images and vids but brought us blurry pussy images like this? And all the others? They ve published over the years and missions? Really?
i have checked out bruce sees all and his is way better than this
just to add I believe there are structures, but if you want to really see cool stuff go to mars anomalies and beyond its all clear and you can really see that stuff
looks like crap you can't see or make out anything you are zoomed in so far
It looks like a giant ancient mine that was blown to bits. You can see were pipe or whatever is torn off coming down the mountain and is smashed on the ground. It's pretty massive tho, and the wall around is broken and missing places. Get a magnifier. Holding it so you can back out for big viewing really helps. Look at it as exploded ruble, I think you'll see it.
if this is rubbish it's ok.But it can be worse.It can be photoshopped with Aliens homes and Gardens.That's the worst Thing.
I've scanned with the reconnaissance Orbiterno cows on the moon.Resolution is 50 cm per Pixel.
Nothing in this video that would convince me there’s anything but craters, holes, rocks and dust...
Если вы там все такие мудаки, то ужас, как вас выродков земля носит...
Not sure if the correct word is paranoia or paradolia but it is one or the other, nothing more
any newspaper printer could deal with over size negs. maybe it was a photostat neg., not the same process. in fact, this pic looks like it came out of a newspaper. poor quality. strange story.
You folks are looking for the wrong stuff that image is full of faces,statues,animals,and the scary things you could ever imagine...forget buildings and towers look for monsters because they are in there folks... pure evil

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