Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  John Deere's biggest bulldozer moving out of Conexpo 2017

John Deere's biggest bulldozer moving out of Conexpo 2017

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


About: John Deere's biggest bulldozer moving out of Conexpo 2017

I could mess up some shit with this one
lol would of had that load gone in have the time! Poor planning coordination a would of been faster to lay 1in plywood an get it out of the building then load it!
WOW ♡♡♡
Why are John Deere bulldozer caterpillar yellow and not green?
Wow ! Lots of wheels for a 92000lbs .
It may not be the biggest dozer out there but I'd take 5 minutes in the cab of that bad boy over 5 minutes in the sack with any woman! ( Except Milania Trump, She's smokin'!)
I want one.
I thought John Deere was green and yellow wtf is going on man
Here's a little tip for the guy helping back the truck out.
If you can't see the drivers face in the mirror,,, HE CAN'T SEE YOU!!
Truck driver is certainly holding his own. 👍👍
I run heavy equipment 45 years ruin that long you know all the tricks the jd man 😉😁
Impressive float - how the rear end steered? I see the operator using levers and standing on the side, but how do you do it on the road?
que belleza de maquina
Mashallah bahut jabardast machine hai
Now thats a low boy.
O.K. Leroy Jethro Gibbs, The engineers built their biggest dozer, but did not figure ahead enough to build it next to a door??
i feel sorry for the dozer
we got 6 of these brand new in dec 2018, they have amazing cab comfort but the track pads and cab mounts are garbage these dozers are not meant for anything but soft clay

Coal stock

Coal is extracted from the ground by coal mining, either underground by shaft mining, or at ground level by open pit mining extraction.


Coal is primarily used as a solid fuel to produce electricity and heat through combustion. World coal consumption was about 7.25 billion tonnes in 2010 The price of coal increased from around $30.00 per short ton in 2000 to around $150.00 per short ton as of September 2008. In early 2015, it was trading near $56/ton.