Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Jim Jefferies - Donald Trump - Full Length Official Clip -- From Freedumb Netflix Special

Jim Jefferies - Donald Trump - Full Length Official Clip -- From Freedumb Netflix Special

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About: Jim Jefferies - Donald Trump - Full Length Official Clip -- From Freedumb Netflix Special

3 1/2 years ago and from Australia, and yet he understood why we're in the mess we are in now. Yet half of America can't see it even today! How pathetic.
Damn the ending was quite sensational and meaningful. I didn't even see that coming. 👌🏽
i love u jim.
"Don't be the asshole, America."
Oh Jim, from 2016. Lol.
It’s so weird seeing him without a beard
Jim is just another liberal Piece of shit! He can take his bullshit jokes back to Australia and fuck a Kangaroo.
That’s what I’ve been saying, and I’m only nineteen years old, thinking more rational than our own GROWN-UP political figures. It’s true when they say great minds think alike. Everyone just doesn’t think that way in what he’s talking about. God didn’t give everyone the same vision, but he did give us love and people who has love, the mind to give people in the darkness epiphany’s to a more true and better reality that should really be taking place.🤷🏾‍♂️💯
Jim used to be funny till he became SJW Jim. Pussy.
Garbage skit. Libterd drones 3<==3
Simple people understand simple things. Mr trump was voted in because he talked to the majority. If you are of " In your own opinion "a educated few in America you would understand this. He " Jim" is bashing Mr trump but yet he totally understands gun control. When people say " You cant change the the second amendment" and Mr Jefferies says " Its a amendment so why not" It has been amended once why can we not do it again?. I totally agree with him. To let a nation of people that are in poverty and there only way of surviving is theft and or violence ! Why would you let them carry a gun. Seems absolutely crazy. And then being a "Educated man" go on about Syrian Immigration lol. Have you read the "Facts" . The average age is approx 30, they are single. Now lets use our heads a little folks. None of these " Immigrants" have a family, you know a Mom or Dad, a brother or sister??? So you assume they were just spineless boys who jumped up and ran, left there families behind?? Its like Mr Trump stated. " Invasion by population". I am sorry but if you cannot see this then your less intelligent then I would have ever had guessed. Oh and before you respond to this comment please educate yourself or I may have to destroy you on this social web site.
Miss informed
A very funny guy, and much much more than a comedian. Jim for president !😁
Hey Jim, go to hell.
Don't be the asshole America: Too late
I assume the reason I cant see the number of likes on this video is because it is overwhelmingly popular...
Platitudes and made up shit. Meaningless vagaries. "Only love defeats hate."? What the fuck does that even mean? Some simple analogy that morons can pump there fists at? These kinds of simplistic platitudes does explain the devisiveness of today's politics, there's a lot of morons out there that eat this shit up. Just look at the comments, there's overwhelming sentiment that Jefferies is smarter than any politician. Based on what? A funny, vague story about how only love defeats hate? And how that somehow applies to geo politics? Dopes. I share a country with a bunch of dopes.
Avi Yemini
"Don't be the asshole." Truer words were never spoken.

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