Jets vs. Browns Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2018

Jets vs. Browns Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2018

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He ain't trunky costal kid.
I saw this game while I was on my lunch break the W made me feel so much better after a tight schedule
Woooooooooohoooooooo baby! Yeeeeeeet
Is it werid that any time the browns play I root for them cuase I feel bad for them well I don't cheer for them when they play the Bengals cuase I love the bengals
The consequence for the browns doing good is they lost LeBron
The browns current record since that win (2018 season) : 2-6-1
Brown's record 2018: 5-11 just what I guess
I'm a Bengals fan and I root for them (besides when they play bengals) is that werid ?
8:54 lets call it the Cleveland Clinic
Let's go brownies let's go bark bark
Ive been a Cleveland fan for a couple years being from Birmingham uk I chose the brown boys because they were crap but I love a working class under dog and I felt so much pride when we won I keep watching this as this was the start of something special. I think next year will be a good year and hopefully I can cross the pond to catch a game
The church bells are ringing in Cleveland
Browns are losers and cry babies who think they are now good, baby Cha Cha crybaby Cleveland Noobs. Mayfield, get good if u want to play in a rough NFL ir if u wanna lose the crybaby match
I’ve been waiting for me and my dad to be happy again. Here’s to the browns going to the playoffs! (I’ve been making this bet for 2 years)
Still comin back to this after every W
Browns from the UK, good to see them get a result 😀🏈
Now.. Its Better😂😂 Million Views 4 Da Brownzz

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