Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Jaylen Brown - terrible fall / Celtics vs Timberwolves

Jaylen Brown - terrible fall / Celtics vs Timberwolves

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About: Jaylen Brown - terrible fall / Celtics vs Timberwolves

We all gonna ignore that ankle breaker on wiggns tho👀-this is on 2019 June 24...
It was scary because he was shaking
Nice crowd unlike Toronto fans who cheered for kd’s injury
This is why guys hang on the rim
Tutun prai for mi
I felt that😬😬
Corey Brewer brought me here
0:16 is Aaron baynes laughing?
How did this not make Shaqtin a fool???
Oh man, so glad the warriors blew a 3-1 lead. Btw that looked like it hurt
The thumb nail is hilarious lmfaoo
0:07 Ohh That's Gotta Hurt 🏀
This is why we need to be able to hang on the rims. Things like this will happen more often and the more that happens the higher the chances of someone dying and no one wants that.
0:18 look how dude is touching is teammate lol
Every scary injury there is 🌹
Did he fall on his neck and shoulders or the back/crown of his head.
the bench was still hyped from the dunk when the camera cut to them
This is why it's important to hang on the rim after a dunk!!! Especially if you came from a lot of momentum. Refs should stop calling hanging on the rims for technical foul.

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