Jaylen Brown - terrible fall / Celtics vs Timberwolves

Jaylen Brown - terrible fall / Celtics vs Timberwolves

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About: Jaylen Brown - terrible fall / Celtics vs Timberwolves

This is why it's important to hang on the rim after a dunk!!! Especially if you came from a lot of momentum. Refs should stop calling hanging on the rims for technical foul.
That just happened to me but i also broke my middle finger
1000th coment
I could not watch this
Of course baynes laughs -_-
Never met a Minnesotan I didn't like
Zaza's spirit still haunts the NBA!
Aron Baynes just laughs
Every Celtics player got down and prayed for that man I love their chemistry I love how they care for each other especially horford
Looking back at this, it’s so scary to see him get stunned and tighten up like that.
Its like curry's fall
Is it bad I find this funny
0:18 why the fuck is aron baynes smiling??
I was there shit was crazy
Great Minnesota fans, much respect
You don't need to do that bro you can't handle your own dunk
Oh man

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